Fear & Anxiety Give Way to Authenticity & Balance After Using The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code has helped me become authentic and live balanced. Previously I had lots of fear and anxiety pretty much on everything and had put a facade on my life that everything was okay. Then I acknowledged flaws in my life and started using The Emotion Code to release any trapped emotions sit […]

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Sits Taller & Feels Like Her Best Self with The Emotion Code

Since releasing trapped emotions on myself after reading The Emotion Code, I feel physically lighter, I’m sitting taller. I actually had to adjust my driver’s seat positioning one day after doing a session on myself! In the past 6 years I’ve gone through a lot of hardship. My husband told me the oth […]

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Even Those New to The Emotion Code See Noticeable Results Quickly!

I’ve only been aware of The Emotion Code for two weeks and have already begun working on myself and my loved ones. In myself (after only 2 sessions), I’ve brought my Heart-Wall down from 3 miles thick to 1.5 miles. There’s still a while to go, but I’m so impressed by how quickly the Emotion Code wor […]

The Emotion Code Brings Feeling of Safety to People and Pets

My nephew has been frightened of dogs all his life, having been bitten by one at a young age. We used The Emotion Code to release his trapped emotions about that incident and he now plays with our dog.
My daughter’s dog had breathing problems after an incident when he was nearly swept off the rocks […]

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Happy Beyond Words After Clearing Her Heart-Wall!

I had many layers in the wall around my heart that that blocked me from living my life to the fullest. When I was cleared with The Emotion Code, we found emotions of abandonment, betrayal, grief, despair, doubt, lost, bitterness, guilt, shame dread, peeved, failure, panic, taken for granted and shoc […]

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Family Dog is Calmer at Bath Time After She Used The Emotion Code on Him

I knew that the family dog had some past trauma from getting baths but he really needed to get clean. I decided to see if he had any trapped emotions to remove and he did! I After I removed them, he was so much calmer and more tolerant of taking a bath than he ever had been before. I knew it had to […]

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Symptoms of Illness Completely Gone After Releasing Trapped Emotions!

One night I couldn’t sleep. I had terrible stomach pains and diarrhea. I could tell it was emotionally related. The next day I had an The Emotion Code session done and sure enough, my illness was all related to a few trapped emotions. As soon as the emotions were released, my symptoms were completel […]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Not Needed After Using The Emotion Code

I have been on bio-identical Hormone replacement for years. Without them, life was pretty rough. A few months before learning about The Emotion Code they had me on such a high level of testosterone, I was going through a voice change and growing whiskers on my face. I hated it. After doing some clea […]

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Emotion Code Releases Trapped Emotions Related to Infertility

I worked with a practitioner via Skype for 8 weeks when I was trying to get pregnant. I was so amazed with what the practitioner was able to uncover- trapped emotions stemming from my own birth and mother, my ancestral line, a previous pregnancy, and an old relationship- being the main things that a […]

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The Body Code Aids Dental Implant: “I Couldn’t Be Happier or More Grateful”

The Body Code never ceases to amaze me.

Twenty-four days ago, I had dental surgery (performed by a biologic dentist) to remove two root canals and an old implant, and also to clean out two cavitations. In preparation for eventual new implants, the dentist inserted cadaver bone (my first reaction […]

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