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Doubt & Despair Give Way to Hope & Happiness Using The Emotion Code

I have experienced a transformation from doubt and despair to hope and happiness. I have a new found excitement for the future and the future is bright and full of promise. I went from being bitter, angry and resentful to feeling love and forgiveness. I still have some layers in my Heart-Wall, so th […]

August 15th, 2017|Testimonials|0 Comments

Severe Back Pain Healed by Releasing Trapped Emotions

A couple of months ago I had severe back pain on the right side and I wasn’t able to move. Every day while I was in bed I used muscle testing to see if there were any trapped emotions I could release that day.

I was able to release trapped emotions in the morning and at night. After seven days, m […]

August 8th, 2017|Testimonials|0 Comments

Quick Results for Mother and Daughter After Using Cardio Miracle!

My sweet mother has congestive heart failure. Two years ago, she had heart valve replacement surgery. The surgery went well and “on paper” she was a success story. However, she was not the same active, vibrant woman she had been. She was out of breath and heaving whenever she tried to walk or do the […]

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The Emotion Code Got Rid of Her Pain!

“Adrianna had pain coming from her liver area interfering with her ability to sleep and enjoy daily activities. I discovered and released some trapped emotions from her liver using The Emotion Code. The pain went away and has not returned!”
~Denise H. Durocher […]

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Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis are Disappearing!

Everything started when I started to practice what it says in the book (The Emotion Code). I began to notice some changes, even though I had some processing of symptoms. After that, I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I felt pain in all my joints, but then when I continued with the Emotion Co […]

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This Really Sad Story Has a Happy Ending. You Might Cry…

I worked with a two-year-old Humane Society rescue dog. He was about 30 pounds, a mixed breed, and had arrived with open gashes on his chest. He had been abandoned in a kennel on a porch for 3 days. He did not trust people. His anxiety level was an 11 on a 1-10 scale, off the charts! They knew they […]

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Helping Myself and Others is Not Only Possible but is Happening with The Emotion Code!

The Emotion Code process has connected the dots in my life. I’d worked for a couple of years with tapping to release and pinpoint what I thought were my sabotaging issues. When I was introduced to The Emotion Code, I knew this was what I needed. It enabled my body to tell me, rather than my mind to […]

The Emotion Code Helped Our Granddaughter in Two Emergencies

Through prayer and Emotion Code energy work done by proxy, we helped bring down an extremely high temperature on my small granddaughter. Our daughter called later and said, “Whatever you did, Mom, it has helped bring down her temperature.”
Another time, we were in a meeting couldn’t leave. We got a […]

Using Kinesiology With The Emotion Code and The Body Code Brings Fast Results!

I paid a visit to my friend Jillian Skehan in Blessington, Ireland to practice my kinesiology (muscle testing). She showed me what was giving her the most success and it was there that I learned about The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Jillian worked on me for a cough and an insanely irritable scra […]

The Emotion Code Makes Family Life So Much Happier!

“I used The Emotion Code on my mom who is 87-years-old. She’d been having a very difficult, strained relationship with my brother and his family who lives next door to her. This was the issue we worked on while she was visiting with me.
Since returning home, she reports the relationship between her […]