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Seeing a Difference with The Emotion Code Already

I had 21 layers in my iron Heart-Wall, and on 2-22-2018 I released the first 3 layers. After that, I found myself more open. Finally, for the first time in years, I was excited to go on a trip with my sisters, which we try and do every other year. This year it felt right to go.

~Anonymous […]

One Emotion Code Session Made a Difference

Roxanne was in my office and couldn’t stop crying. Just one Emotion Code session, and she immediately stopped.

Maddie is a teenager struggling with severe anxiety. She experienced a huge improvement in one session.

~Dr. Diana Spencer […]

March 15th, 2018|Testimonials|0 Comments

Releasing Trapped Emotions Helped My Dog

My dog was peeing in his bed, which was unheard of behavior for him, so I tested him. He tested positive for bladder stones. I performed one emotion code session on him and released several trapped emotions regarding his watch dog duties. He never had another incident.

My dog was bitten by a tic […]

March 14th, 2018|Testimonials|0 Comments

After a Tragic Childhood Loss, Ellen Jones has Found Something to Help Her Heal at Last…

“I lost my mother at age 7. I had four older brothers. I was the only girl, the youngest. I did not understand what was happening so I didn’t cry much. After my mother died, I had a cruel stepmother that was very abusive. I missed the important nurturing years of my life and as a result my adult lif […]

I Could Really Feel The Emotion Code Working for Me and my Dog

The most emotional experience I’ve had with The Emotion Code was when a friend of mine was helping me release some trapped emotions on myself. We had discovered a few inherited emotions. When we released them there was a steady stream of very profound emotions coming to my conscious awareness that r […]

I Had a Wall Around My Heart…

When I read The Emotion Code book, I resonated with the Heart-Wall stories, and immediately knew that I had one. I had been having pain in my chest for quite a while. I attributed it to stress and had basically just given up on trying to make the pain go away. I have had multiple EKG’s done througho […]

My Heart-Wall Release Ended My Shame

I received a session which cleared my Heart-Wall. It measured as 97 yards of trapped emotional energy. There was a bad marriage and I’d experienced child custody conflicts for at least a decade. I had insecurity around being able to support the children effectively. The shame that I’d felt for years […]

Free To Travel Again Thanks To The Emotion Code

My life was very heavy due to the loss of two children, my mother, father, a sister, and my in-laws. Life felt insupportable. My introduction to The Emotion Code was quite by accident. It was my husband that saw the value of the sessions. After experiencing several sessions, I’m entertaining three t […]

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Life is Worth Living Again with The Emotion Code

“For as long as memory serves, I have sought answers to behavioral problems that I secretly grappled with which had left me frustrated, confused and hopeless. Fortunately, my girlfriend persisted in her introduction of The Emotion Code with me. Although I was initially reluctant, I’m now in the proc […]

Releasing Her Heart-Wall Helped Her to Feel Lighter and Perceive More

“I found that I had a Heart-Wall that was 22 feet thick, made symbolically of Copper. It took quite a few sessions to clear it… but I am happier now. The improvement I felt wasn’t instant, it took a few days to really feel something different. It was subtle but I felt “lighter.” I had a lot of neg […]

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