Great Progress Just From One Emotion Code Session

My client had a 50-year history of severe claustrophobia. As you can imagine, this severely restricted her life on many levels, and to such a degree that even watching TV or going to the cinema would cause a disturbance. If the client even perceived a claustrophobic space featured on the screen, she […]

Clearing Heart-Walls Does Marvelous Things

I’d been chased by a stalker. Seems I was always wanted by somebody who was missing his mother’s love in childhood. After my Heart-Wall, symbolically made of 41 cm of concrete was cleared, that night I got a text message from my old friend and reconnected with him. My stalker disappeared and all of […]

The Trapped Emotions All Made Sense

My left ankle was so painful that it was difficult to walk. I’d been feeling it for a few days, maybe a week and time had not allowed for my addressing it. I uncovered a misalignment/connective tissue/disk issue and trapped emotions of despair, lack of control and an inherited trapped emotion of ove […]

Know What Makes Me Happy? My Clients Are Seeing Results…

A woman, age 38, was suicidal and a cutter. She described herself as being in a “very dark place.” Within 5 weeks of Emotion Code work, she was happy, working full-time once again, and could not believe what we had accomplished when years of therapy and a forced hospitalization hadn’t helped very mu […]

I Helped My Family With The Emotion Code

My mother Maria is 65 years old. She was diagnosed with manic depression 40 years ago, severe osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia more than 25 years ago. Starting 3 months ago, I removed 10 trapped emotions, 1 or 2 per session. She is a different person now. The depression disappeared and the body pain […]

His Miserable Hay Fever Left with the Trapped Emotions

I have been working with The Emotion Code since 2010. My husband has had severe hay fever, so in the spring he experiences itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion, which lasts through most of the summer. Early each spring I begin working on trapped emotions that are causing his symptoms. His father als […]

Dogs Need The Emotion Code as Much as People Do!

Jazzy, a Chocolate Lab, came from a puppy farm where she spent years getting pregnant, all to have her puppies ripped away from her. Jazzy was on anxiety medication. She was the most fearful dog I had ever seen. It was heartbreaking. To even get her into the house and to sit with her foster parent f […]

Cardio Miracle Helps Cyclist Increase Stamina

In February 2017, Lindsay Johnson, my daughter-in-law, suggested a product called Cardio Miracle. Since I am a cyclist, it was something she thought might help me. I started taking it the first week of March and didn’t notice anything different until the first part of April. All of the sudden, I cou […]

The Emotion Code and Body Code Mend her Broken Heart

I remember the first session I had with Chantal. She had just gone through a terrible break-up. We worked on Skype and I could tell that her heart was breaking. You could actually see the deep sorrow on her face. Of course, we immediately began Heart Wall Elimination and worked on other imbalances t […]

The Emotion Code Blessed My Family Past and Present

When I began practicing, my daughter was untestable and she didn’t believe in The Emotion Code because of it. After learning about the reasons why people aren’t testable and ruling out dehydration, I asked if she had a neck misalignment and she did! I was able to use a magnet to facilitate her body’ […]