The Body Code Aids Dental Implant: “I Couldn’t Be Happier or More Grateful”

The Body Code never ceases to amaze me.

Twenty-four days ago, I had dental surgery (performed by a biologic dentist) to remove two root canals and an old implant, and also to clean out two cavitations. In preparation for eventual new implants, the dentist inserted cadaver bone (my first reaction […]

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Health Troubles Lead User To The Body Code

I’ve been in pain since about November. First it was knee pain from a fallen arch. Every step I took was very painful. I had my arch taped up for six weeks before I could walk with diminished pain. Next came a sciatic pain that put me in bed for ten days. When I finally could get out of bed, I went […]

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One Practitioner’s Journey Towards Body Code Certification

After The Body Code seminar in Utah in July of 2013, I received The Body Code 2.0 and since then used it here and there with clients, friends, myself. It seemed to take me on long journeys that didn’t make too much sense to me. I continued to use it when I wanted to go deeper into causes of pain or […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions Helps With Fear of Flying

I was recently set to travel by plane – a thing that for many years has made me extremely anxious. I noticed that morning when I was getting ready that I wasn’t terribly anxious and then, as I sat in the terminal, I was not only ‘not anxious’, I was very much at peace. I continued to feel peaceful t […]

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World Traveler Aided By Body Code Proxy Testing

Our son who is teaching in China was on Skype with me and explained that he felt he got dehydrated in his travels. Later he came online laughing, and said that his amazing sister had sent him an email telling him that he was dehydrated.

She was still working on some energy work she had started wi […]

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After Emotion Code Session, “I No Longer Feel Hopeless!”

During one of my treatment sessions, it was determined that I had an inherited emotion (thirteen generations back) of hopelessness. I immediately understood that all of my life when things went wrong, I felt hopeless. This was disturbing for me because I rely on my Heavenly Father for everything. I […]

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“After Each Body Code Session, I Felt Lighter”

I was led to Sammie, a Certified Body Code Practitioner, by a co-worker at a time when I realized I had a lot of issues with my mother. I was struggling to process my feelings. I had just happened upon The Body Code not long before, but was not sure that was what Sammie did. After each Body Code ses […]

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The Body Code Helps Dog Cope With Fireworks

Fear of loud noises is quite common in dogs and cats, and alleviating it often requires ongoing, patient training. Even then, results can be mixed, and staying the course can be challenging for pet owners. How much more effective and stress-free for the animal to use The Body Code!

By Patricia Fe […]

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Body Code Webinar Listener Stunned After Pain Disappears: “I Am So Happy Right Now!”

I was listening to a webinar, and one caller in particular had very similar symptoms to what I’ve been having (neck & back pain). Over the past two weeks, I’ve had pain running down my left arm when moving my neck or shoulder, so severe that I’d been planning on making a doctors appointment.


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Chronic Neck Pain Addressed with The Emotion Code: “My Pain Level Went From a Five to a One”

I was having issues with muscle testing my clients, as I was working through Emotion Code certification. It was suggested that I have a session for myself with a Staff Practitioner, so I scheduled an appointment with Connie.

I have a very painful neck, due to a horse accident when I was in high s […]

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