New Confidence to Help Heal the World After Releasing Her Heart-Wall

“Since releasing my Heart-Wall, I’ve been much more focused and decisive about my calling to help heal the world. I find that I’ve had no problem having clients to work with while working on my certification. Before releasing my Heart-Wall, I was not sure that I could do this certification or that I […]

The Emotion Code Delivers Variety of Amazing Results!

“Claudia was scheduled for an eye operation. After Emotion Code work, her doctor called off the operation as she had healed on her own.
Catherine had tremendous anxiety in cars after a traffic accident she was in, in which her sister had died. The Emotion Code made a huge difference. She’s finally […]

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Rescue Animals Really Benefit From The Emotion Code

” I’ve used The Emotion Code a number of times with my cats, both of whom were rescued from a shelter when they were only a few weeks old. The first time I worked on them they were about six years old. I couldn’t believe the change in them. They were more relaxed and less frantic, more affectionate, […]

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Many Positive Changes Evident After Using The Emotion Code

I have seen many changes within myself upon using The Emotion Code. I feel so much lighter and have a better sense of clarity. I am able to express myself so much more than before. I have become very loving with family and friends. My meditation practice has strengthened and so has my spirituality. […]

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Three Success Stories!

These three success stories shared by Robin Friedman made a difference, not only to her, but to those she helped.
~We released a cord from M. W. while working on releasing her Heart-Wall. She told me she felt a tingling in her back and later reported that she had no more back pain. She’d had back p […]

Want To Do The Things You’ve Always Loved, Pain Free?

Ralph is 69 yrs old and had chronic pain in his right shoulder for 15 yrs. MRIs showed no nerve impingement. Initially, while working on him, all he did was cry because of the pain. During the next few weeks the pain would go away and return. I heard about The Emotion Code and purchased the book, th […]

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Finally A Real Solution To Emotional Eating!

Aida was feeling anxious. She couldn’t stop eating and she gained weight. She didn’t feel good about herself. I used The Emotion Code and did the Sway Test to muscle test her to see if she had some trapped emotions. She did. When I released some of her trapped emotions, she didn’t notice anything di […]

Deeply Felt Childhood Trauma Can Be Overcome with The Emotion Code

Childhood trauma is deeply felt but can be overcome with The Emotion Code. Gwendolyn Atwood shares her experience with us…
Releasing my grief over the loss of my father when I was four years old was very significant for me, in the clearing of my Heart-Wall. That is what I’m currently working on. […]

Grateful for Joyful Connection with Energy Healers at The Ultimate Health Wealth and Relationships Retreat

Dr. Brad,
It was not only my pleasure, but an honor, to be part of such a kind, generous and loving group. The Ultimate Health Wealth and Relationships Retreat, like the 2 previous Body Code events I’ve attended, has changed my personal energy in a positive way. To be part of this joyful and import […]

Her Client Overcame Blocks of Fear and Reached For Her Potential After Using The Emotion Code

An Emotion Code practitioner, Helen M, shares that she had a client who was struggling with issues of “fear of putting herself out there” and “fear of being visible.” This was affecting her willingness to take action to market her health coaching business. She used The Emotion Code with her and her […]

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