When Your Inner Child Needs Healing: The Emotion Code…

“I found lots of trapped emotions around the ages of 7-9 years old and most of them were about my father, grandfather and great grandfather. I felt energy leave my body in a very good way. I was also able to understand my father on a whole new level. He abandoned me because he was abandoned. That’s […]

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I Feel Much Better Now that My Heart-Wall is Gone

I had a Heart-Wall. I have felt more feelings of peace since it has been removed. I feel more connected to my husband and children. Feelings of gratitude and abundance are more present.

~Gretchen D. […]

Dad’s Issues were Based in Trapped Emotions!

I started working on my dad in the first month of learning The Emotion Code. Within a few days, his lazy eye was tracking more regularily with the other one. Within 2 weeks his chronic aching knee was much better. Recently he walked to the back of a 100 acre farm field. At the end of the day I asked […]

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Releasing My Heart-Wall Helped Me to Value Who I Am

I had a Heart-Wall. I had it released but due to some life circumstances, I have created a new one. I have to say that having the first one released, I’ve been able to start to come to my own. I have, for the first time in many years been able to express myself in an honest way that respects who I a […]

Lighten Your Load with The Emotion Code

“… As I released my Heart-Wall, I felt as light as a butterfly!”

~Petra N. […]

Accumulated Emotional Baggage Left Suzanne Feeling So Much Anxiety That She Wished She Was Invisible…

“When I was a teenager, I wouldn’t talk to people. I was determined to be as invisible as possible just to get through high school. I did have a couple friends but mostly I didn’t want people to even know that I was in the room. They all seemed so vicious to me. Using The Emotion Code to test myself […]

The Emotion Code Makes Joy Possible

My dysfunctional family as a child contributed to gross misunderstandings and a real hardship in learning to give and receive love. I was blessed to give birth to 9 children and loved them intensely but seemed to struggle the older they became. My insecurity as a child filtered down to my children a […]

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Hives Gone After an The Emotion Code Session

A coworker’s daughter was experiencing horrible breakouts with hives for months. I connected with her energy as a proxy as there was some distance. Using self-testing, I released a few trapped emotions, one of which was a fear of her personal power. The breakouts with hives stopped and never returne […]

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Looking Happy, Feeling Happy

The changes that have unfolded since the release of my Heart-Wall, have been gradual, yet astounding! I am enjoying feeling more peace, love, compassion and gratitude in my day-to-day life than I could possibly have imagined! Recently, I was even asked twice in one day, what I was doing… In both c […]

Seeing a Difference with The Emotion Code Already

I had 21 layers in my iron Heart-Wall, and on 2-22-2018 I released the first 3 layers. After that, I found myself more open. Finally, for the first time in years, I was excited to go on a trip with my sisters, which we try and do every other year. This year it felt right to go.

~Anonymous […]