2020 Handbook Response

A 2020 update to the Handbook of Instructions on medical and health care by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reads:

“Seeking competent medical help, exercising faith, and receiving priesthood blessings work together for healing, according to the will of the Lord.” Latter-day Saint […]

December 21st, 2020|Articles|2 Comments

The Body Code Helps Release His Baggage

My stepson was having some major issues with coping with adjusting to our home schedule after a visit to his mother’s for the summer. I found that she had corded herself to his gut, and mind. After I cut the cords, it was like flipping a light switch. Our sweet loving, respectful young man returned […]

April 18th, 2019|Testimonials|2 Comments

The Emotion Code Reaches Back to Past Generations

Several years ago I came in contact with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code book. I was looking for help with depression that I have been struggling with for most of my life. I couldn’t afford to pay for a practitioner to help me, so I started to watch Dr. Nelson, and work on myself. I didn’t kn […]

Clearing His Heart-Wall Inspires Him to Become an Emotion Code Practitioner

My Heart-Wall was 160 feet thick and was made of walnut. I found this interesting as I had spent many of my younger years working in the walnut orchards of northern California. We had experienced tremendous grief with the loss of our daughter in 2005, 10 years after she was diagnosed with Severe Ap […]

The Emotion Code is Helping Me Open My Heart

I do have a Heart-Wall and have done a session to start breaking it down. I can already feel that I’m not as frustrated as I used to be. My anxiety doesn’t spike as easily as it used to! I have also noticed that people around me are more loving and have been reacting more to me since I’ve been work […]

The Emotion Code was Sweet for Honey

Four years ago my horse, a mare named Honey, ran through 7 fences when we had a severe lightning storm. She survived with some deep cuts that were stitched up. Every time there was a storm for the next 3 years, I would have to lock her up. Since she was a foal, she was sound sensitive and […]

The Emotion Code is Helping at Work and at Home

I have seen success using The Emotion Code with my husband. He has been suffering from anxiety about a work situation. I felt that he was over-reacting and that maybe he was bringing up trapped emotions from past experiences. Sure enough, there was a trapped emotion of unworthiness. Since releasing […]

Reaction of a Prenatal Heart-Wall Emotion

A practitioner that I visited tested me for a Heart-Wall. One of the trapped emotions that was released was abandonment. This emotion was trapped during my mother’s first trimester of pregnancy. The release was so intense that I vomited violently. I was physically ill for 2 hours, after which I sle […]

The Emotion Code is the Key!

My daughter, age 8, came home from school one day really emotional. She was not in control and not coping well. I was able to identify 3 trapped emotions that were affecting her and released them. In a matter of moments, she came out of her room calmly, and happily sat down at the piano and said, ” […]

March 28th, 2019|Testimonials|0 Comments

A Fog Has Lifted and Relationships Have Deepened

I not only had a Heart-Wall, but I had a hidden Heart-Wall. I went through a difficult divorce in my late twenties and my subconscious mind chose to “hide” those emotions at first. Thankfully, all that negative emotional baggage is now cleared. It is like a fog has lifted. I see others, even strang […]

March 25th, 2019|Testimonials|0 Comments