The Emotion Code is Working Wonders in Europe

At first, I started using The Emotion Code about myself. I was very ill, every 2 weeks being in the hospital with heart problems, having also a lot of pain from my gall blatter (stones). Also having a lot of pain in my feet, having 4 years bone spurs. I did everything imaginable to get rid of it, bu […]

Words From a Beautiful Angel

Shaila is one of those little girls that impresses at first contact. This 3-year-old was brought to me by her mother, a patient of mine, because she was suffering from nightmares and was very afraid of male individuals. I began working on the little girl using The Body Code technique and her reactio […]

The Emotion Code Has Surprised Me With How Intuitive We Can Be!

My practitioner was able to pinpoint exactly when I had an emotion that caused me to feel like committing suicide. I did, in fact, try to commit suicide at the age she was able to decipher. From that experience, I felt drawn to The Emotion Code and have felt I needed to pursue this type of work. I h […]

Using The Body Code Proved Its Worth

“I purchased The Body Code in March 2016 after attending webinars for almost a year. I was sure that it would be a huge benefit for my family and people I love. The first person I did The Body Code on was my teenage son. The session went farther than I thought, detecting a need for a T3 session, whi […]

This Little Boy is Happy Now… All Because of The Emotion Code and Body Code

I thought I should share a story about success with one of my clients. A mom friend asked me if I could do some work with her for her son who is five. They live in another state so we worked by phone. This little guy is now five but was in the NICU for the first three months of his life due to Brain […]

Granted A New Lease On Life With Her Heart-Wall Completely Released

I worked on my 83-year-old mother to release her Heart-Wall with several sessions. She was very frail from taking care of my dad for 5 years, after he had several strokes until the time he passed away. Practically from the first emotions released, she sounded very different- stronger, alert, and she […]

This Mother Discovered How to Bless Her Family with The Emotion Code and The Body Code

I was introduced to The Emotion Code a few years back after I had been praying fervently to find something that would help our family. There’s a lot of anger in our family. It was getting to the point that I didn’t even know or understand why I felt the way I did. A family member introduced me to Th […]

Opportunity Came Knocking and Brought Instant Success!

I just started to work with The Emotion Code two days ago so I don’t have a lot of stories to tell yet.. but I released two trapped emotions in my daughter who hasn’t been able to sleep through the night for several years. She’s twelve. Yesterday she slept the whole night through! This instant succe […]

Life Changing Transformations With The Emotion Code!

Christopher, age 22 months… His father brought him to me to see if Christopher had any trapped emotions. His Heart-Wall was a three inch, colorful bubble, keeping his lil heart safe. A stinking adorable bubble! When they came into my home, Christopher wouldn’t look at me, talk to me, or even make […]

Protect Your Infant From Vaccine-Related Toxicity

By DiscoverHealing Staff

A “natural experiment” funded in part by the Danish Government and led by Dr. Soren Wengel Mogensen has called into question the benefits of the commonly-used DTP (diptheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine.

A birthday-based vaccination system in Guinea Bissea, West Afr […]

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