My Heart Is Free!

I had a Heart-Wall and a Hidden Heart-Wall and they have been released with The Emotion Code. I have noticed a lot more emotional and physical peace in general and especially around my heart. Things seem a lot lighter and I am more calm. It is SO nice!

~Tamara D. […]

My Life Holds New Meaning as I Help Others to Heal

Clients report feeling lighter, feeling tingles, feeling emotionally a little wobbly over the next few days after an Emotion Code session. Seeing a client respond positively to treatment is such a wonderful thing. I’m really able to help people and am making a difference in such a positive and const […]

Emotion Code Tip: Work on Your Children

I have four young children and I find it helpful to wait until they are sleeping to work on them. I usually will sit very close to them while I test and I always begin with a prayer. I try to do this if I’ve noticed that they’ve had a particularly difficult day (extra crying, clinginess, etc) or if […]

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Taking Your Heart-Wall Down Feels Like Returning to Innocence

“I have only had one Heart-Wall healing and I’m confident it needs more work, but I have noticed I am more like I was as a child. I’m much more affectionate, hugging people at random and not as guarded as I have been.”

~Angela Christou […]

Nothing Better than Seeing Great Results with My Family!

“I feel the top success stories have been with my own family. I used The Body Code and did Abundance work on my husband and he will double his income this year! My sons are all very athletic and two of them are exceptional CrossFitters. I was able to work on my youngest son’s shoulder, which he was […]

The Suicide Epidemic

I was shocked and saddened this morning to read of the death by suicide of Anthony Bourdain, world-famous chef and tv personality. Like many others, I enjoyed watching his culinary adventures on “Parts Unknown,” his tv series. It was just a few days ago that Kate Spade, the famous women’s accessorie […]

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The Emotion Code Has Brought Me to My True Self

The changes I’ve had because of using The Emotion Code are so many positive things. To mention a few… I’m happier, more relaxed and feeling positive about life now. Actually, I feel like I have become my true self. My family and friends tell me that I’ve changed. It feels like everyone enjoys my p […]

In Releasing Her Nephew’s Heart-Wall, Stephanie Graham Brought a Surprise to Light…

I am very slowly learning how to use The Emotion Code. I have practiced on family members only. I was able to find a Heart-Wall on my 17-year-old nephew, with a trapped emotion of anger. I needed to find out more and it was an inherited trapped emotion on his father’s side. I was able to release it. […]

It was Time to Let Go and Feel Happy Again

I worked on a woman who lost her older brother who was on the US Ski Team to an avalanche. She had a series of trapped emotions, Heart-Wall emotions, and hidden Heart-Wall emotions. We were able to release every Heart-Wall emotion in one session. It took 2.5 hours but from that point, her life slowl […]

An Emotion Code Certification Student Reports Success

Here are some of the results I have experienced when using the Emotion Code:

1. Jay’s stomach stopped hurting.
2. Joe’s shoulder stopped hurting.
3. Gary’s skin feels relief.
4. Tracy is having less headaches and feels more emotionally stable.