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29 1/2 Years of Migraine Headache Pain Eased With The Body Code

When I was 5 years old, I fell off of a tall boulder onto a rocky riverbank. I fell on to my face and I remember my chin bouncing several times. This fall busted my shin open, broke some teeth, permanently dislocated my jaw and damaged my spine in many places.
My parents took me to doctors and ther […]

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The Body Code Gave Me Hope Like a Break in the Clouds

I have seen so much healing in a friend of mine, the one who exposed me to The Emotion Code and The Body Code. But what I can share is my own story…

“I was struggling with a lot with anxiety. I have felt for a long time that I don’t want to get on any kind of “medicine” that wasn’t natural, bel […]

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Using The Emotion Code, I Impacted a Coworker’s Life and Now She is So Happy

I was practicing The Emotion Code on a new girl from work with whom I knew nothing about. I released 3 emotions of conflict, betrayal and abandonment. She started crying and said yes… these are all emotions she had experienced from something that happened to her as a child and also something she w […]

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The Emotion Code Lifts and Heals

I started using The Emotion Code on my son Max who is 9. I discovered that he had a Heart-Wall made symbolically of 91 kilometers of wood. One evening I released 3 trapped emotions which took his Heart Wall down to 30 kilometers. Two days later my son said to me, “Mum, since 2 days ago, I feel so mu […]

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Preteen Learned to Use The Emotion Code on Himself to Relieve Pain!

I watched 12-year-old Adam identify 2 Trapped Emotions in each of his quads. He did this on his own. He took it upon himself to check himself because his muscles were tender. He successfully released 3 Trapped Emotions but had had some trouble with the third one so he asked me for help with the four […]

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Happy All the Time, Like Me!

In 2009, I used The Emotion Code to remove a Heart-Wall of over 300 trapped emotions! This created much more peace and happiness for me.

After the real estate crash, I had to sell my house in Atlanta as a “short sale” in order to move to Indianapolis. I went to become a full-time caretaker for my […]

Using The Emotion Code Made Miracles Happen in my Life

I read The Emotion Code and started releasing my trapped emotions. What a trip! I had many trapped emotions, some were inherited with very emotional releases about WW ll bombings, Dresden, and bombs. We were looking for bomb shelters with a horse pulling a carriage. The horse was shot. Mother and fa […]

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Rave Reviews About The Emotion Code at Work

My clients are reporting great things!

“Thirty years of depression released once my Heart-Wall came down. I’ve traveled 2000 miles to visit my sister. I’m making friends, got a raise at work and am feeling so much better. I used to hate people. From The Emotion Code work I’ve done with Jill, I’m […]

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Becoming Certified Has Changed My Life Forever!

I took off using The Emotion Code and Body Code before I had started doing my Emotion Code certification. My wife found the E-Motion movie which started it all. Then a quick seminar in Phoenix, AZ and next we attended The Ultimate Heath Wealth and Relationship Retreat in Henderson, NV in March 2017. […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions Helps Her Gain a New Understanding

I found a Heart-Wall that formed when my mother passed away in 1976, when I was 17 years old. When I released the first two trapped emotions (abandonment and lost), I felt more grounded and free with a new understanding of events. Thank you so much Dr. Brad and team for The Emotion Code that allows […]

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