Articles about “The Emotion Code” and/or “The Body Code” method of emotional healing, by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

World Traveler Aided By Body Code Proxy Testing

Our son who is teaching in China was on Skype with me and explained that he felt he got dehydrated in his travels. Later he came online laughing, and said that his amazing sister had sent him an email telling him that he was dehydrated.

She was still working on some energy work she had started wi […]

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The Body Code Helps Dog Cope With Fireworks

Fear of loud noises is quite common in dogs and cats, and alleviating it often requires ongoing, patient training. Even then, results can be mixed, and staying the course can be challenging for pet owners. How much more effective and stress-free for the animal to use The Body Code!

By Patricia Fe […]

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Share Your Inherited Emotion Stories

If you have been using The Emotion Code or The Body Code for very long, you will know how powerful it can be to release trapped negative energies that have been passed down to you from your ancestors, inherited Trapped Emotions and more.

I’m working on a new book about inherited emotions and othe […]

The first gift!

I’m so grateful for all of you, and for the gift of His son that was given to us so long ago by our loving Father in Heaven. I know that they are real, and that our lives on this earth are part of a great, eternal plan, contrary to popular opinion! – Dr. Brad : )


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The Connection Between Healing and Prayer

If there is one thing that Dr Brad and I have learned in life that has made a difference, it’s to “Pray like it’s all up to God and work like it’s all up to us.” It’s been our personal observation that when we turn our hearts and minds to God at the start of a new day and throughout the day, we’re a […]

October 12th, 2015|Articles|10 Comments

Overcoming Negative Feelings

What should you do when you are having a rough time with negative feelings? We all have upsets from time to time as life throws its curve balls. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone either by choices of your own or by the interactions you have with others. The circumstances of life are nev […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been feeling of deep sense of gratitude this morning, gratitude to the Creator. I believe that all we have and are, every breath we take, and all we hope to become, is thanks to Him who created us and gave us life and breath.

We have been traveling over this last month, and are finally hom […]

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The Lord’s New Methods of Healing For You

Would you like to be able to find the cause for your illness or a solution for your pain?  Do you need understanding to help your son or your daughter with their depression, their anxiety or some other condition? Do you want your husband to stop being so stressed or angry? Do you know that these ans […]

November 26th, 2014|Articles|1 Comment

To the Perfectionists: Mistakes Are Not Failure

How do you feel when you’ve made a mistake? Like your whole world has come to an end? Like a failure? Hopefully not… Do you accept mistakes, learn from them and move forward—determined to reach your objective? Or do you feel discouraged, embarrassed, or even horrified to think that you’ve done somet […]

October 21st, 2014|Articles|2 Comments

Emotional Baggage: The Next Frontier

How many times have you heard someone use the phrase “emotional baggage” in reference to another person? And what is emotional baggage, anyway? Is it real? And if so, can we do anything about it? Modern medicine has recently made some striking discoveries about how to manipulate and even reduce the […]

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