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Share Your Inherited Emotion Stories

If you have been using The Emotion Code or The Body Code for very long, you will know how powerful it can be to release trapped negative energies that have been passed down to you from your ancestors, inherited Trapped Emotions and more.

I’m working on a new book about inherited emotions and othe […]

09/10/14 ~ Dr. Bradley Nelson on Native Talk Radio

I will be appearing on Native Talk Radio with Roy Johnston,Sept 10, 2014 at 3:30pm Phoenix, Arizona time (6:30 EDT.)

I’ll be discussing Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls, as well as PTSD and Addictive Heart Energies.

Native Talk Radio Arizona presents interviews and discussions regarding curren […]

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8/11/14 ~ Interview with Michelle Price of The Business of Online Thought Leadership

I will be joining Host Michelle Price on The Business of Online Thought for an hour long interview on August 11.  I will explain The Emotion Code and how to release your trapped emotions for more abundant health, wealth and happiness. Be sure to tune in!
The call begins at 11 am MDT / 1 pm EST on A […]

Who do US Soldiers Want for President?

Who do US Soldiers Want for President? The answer may surprise you. Watch this video to find out!

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The Emotion Code is Now on Amazon’s Kindle!

I am happy to announce today that The Emotion Code is available on Amazon’s Kindle! For those of you who own a Kindle, you know how convenient they are, since a Kindle will hold up to 1500 books and is ultra-portable and a joy to read. If you are interested, you can go to the Kindle Store on your […]

Oppose the Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Safety Act

New legislation targeting nutritional supplements would considerably broaden the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) already expansive regulatory authority by allowing the FDA to impose draconian restrictions on developers, manufacturers, and sellers of nutritional products and on the products themselves.
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The “Swine Flu” National Emergency is Bogus!

60 Minutes and the Swine Flu Vaccine

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The Swine Flu Vaccine… Again

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The “Save a Soldier” Campaign

I would like to provide a FREE copy of the Emotion Code eBook to every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Since the Emotion Code is such an incredibly powerful tool for healing from the effects of emotional trauma (PTSD) and since it is so easy to learn and use on yourself, and since our sol […]

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