A Wonderful Article About Magnetics

www.odemagazine.com, Tijn Touber | March 2005 issue THE ONLINE COMMUNITY INTELLIGENT OPTIMISTS Primal force When Russian cosmonauts first spent long periods of time on board the Mir space station, they got sick. Their symptoms indicated this was more than a simple lack of exercise, too much zero gravity or an overdose of canned food. Their illnesses appeared to be caused by a lack of contact with the magnetic field surrounding the earth. After the Russian space station was equipped with a special “magnetism generator”, the cosmonauts’ symptoms disappeared. After the experiences of the Russian cosmonauts, some scientists must have thought to themselves: if the natural magnetic field surrounding the earth is so important to health, what does it mean that this field is increasingly being disturbed by the explosive growth of electric machinery? After all, every electric current produces an electromagnetic field and those fields increasingly “compete” with the earth’s natural magnetic field. Cells are ordered by magnetism. The smallest building blocks of life—atoms and molecules—are micro magnets with a plus and minus pole, comparable to the earth’s poles. Because everything is made up of atoms and molecules, every structure is determined by magnetism. Communications in the body take place via miniscule electric currents and the electromagnetic frequencies they generate. If (electro) magnetism orders the very process of life, then a disturbance to this magnetism will result in an increase in chaos and degeneration. And that is exactly what’s being observed: a strong increase in degenerative diseases and chaotic explosions of violence among humans and in nature. This growth in disorder around us may be explained by the increasing disruption of the natural magnetism that supports health and harmony. The explosive increase in unnatural electromagnetic fields is making increasing numbers of earth dwellers “space sick”. Just like the cosmonauts, people … Continue reading A Wonderful Article About Magnetics