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Ans => For this we will record the script for reading the first mail. Try to find what is being posted in the request to read the first mail such as mail ids or row no. The function instructs the vuser to stop executing Action section and end the execution by tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli executing the vuser_end section. Once a script is up and running, logging is enabled for errors only. Simultaneous- Doing different task at different time. Great. Ans => Think time is the wait time inserted intentionally between the actions in the script to emulate real user`s wait time while performing activity on the application. LoadRunner Interview Questions and where to buy promethazine codeine syrup uk Best Answers Ans => In Performance testing, testing where can i buy dramamine in canada cycle includes requirement gathering, scripting, execution, result sharing and report generation. This can be changed from Recorded options-> Script-> Generate think time greater than threshold. Same is true to succeed in the performance test professional as well. In both the cases correlation takes care of these values and prevents them from failing during execution. Over to you At STH, we always profess the importance of fundamentals. In Run-Time setting, “Continue on error” should be unchecked. The function assigned “Stopped” status to the vuser which stopped can i buy promethazine over the counter uk due to lr_abort function. E. Simultaneous users perform the same task at the same time. Because , each we are not using Rendezvous point here, so some uvser will get the thread soon and will finish the task earlier. The dynamic value could change for each user action (value changes when action is replayed by the same user) or for different users (value changes when action is replayed with different user). The Threshold level for Think time in the level below which recorded think time will be tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli ignored. And does not wait for the next vuser. Below we provided few common LoadRunner interview questions and answers to them. Ans => Rendezvous point helps in emulating heavy user load (request) on the server. However, please tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli note that the best results can be achieved by providing answers based on your exposure, expertise and interpretation of the concepts. From the post where a list of mails is reflecting, we will try to capture all the email ids row no with correlation function and keeping Ordinal as All i. Ans => There are two types of Vuser logs available –Standard log and Extended log. However, we wish that this performance testing interview questionnaire will be an instrumental reference point for all of you aspiring to find or advance in a performance testing career using LoadRunner. (Note- This question needs practical knowledge. This can be inserted by: Ans => Correlation is used to handle where can you buy viagra in stores the dynamic values in a script. Function lr_rendezvous is used to create the Rendezvous point. When i want to buy viagra in uk the vuser reaches the Rendezvous point, it waits for all Vusers with Rendezvous point. Once designated numbers of Vusers reaches it, the Vusers are released. This can also be used to handle a situation rather than where can i legally buy viagra error where execution is not possible. Logs are key for debugging the script. Logging can be enabled for errors in that case. All the vusers in the running scenario are Concurrent users as they are using can you buy infant zantac over the counter the same application at the same time but may be tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli or may not be doing the same tasks. Concurrent users are made Simultaneous users through rendezvous points. So please this practically and formulate your answer). This instructs Vusers to act simultaneously. For this the recorded request for the two tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli should be replaced with custom request and string building is required to build the post. Ans => This can be achieved through lr_abort function. Replace the requested email id in the read post with any of the randomly selected email id from the list of captured email ids. This function is helpful in handling a specific error. Logging is used during debugging and disabled while execution. Concurrent- Doing the same task at the same time. ORD=All . Learning just the answers to questions is not always optimum. #11 umesh. Standard log creates a log of functions and messages sent tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli to the server during script execution whereas Extended log contains additional of warnings and other messages. Each protocol has different memory print and this decides how many virtual users can be generated from the give configuration of the machine (load generator). Ans => Number of load generator required totally depends on the protocol used to create the how to buy viagra in australia script and configuration of the load generator machine. But the definition tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli of concurrent and simultaneous is wrong. Practice, Learn and Expert – this should be your approach for performance testing interview preparation. Rendezvous points instruct the system to wait till a certain number of vusers arrive so that they all can do a particular tulasi theatre online booking bangalore marathahalli task simultaneously. Ans => In this case the post for “Select All” and “Delete” will change every time depending on the number mails available. Performance Engineering is a step ahead of Performance testing where after execution; results are analyzed with the aim to find the performance bottlenecks and the solution is provided to resolve the identified issues.