These three success stories shared by Robin Friedman made a difference, not only to her, but to those she helped.
~We released a cord from M. W. while working on releasing her Heart-Wall. She told me she felt a tingling in her back and later reported that she had no more back pain. She’d had back pain for decades! Her Heart-Wall was released in 3 sessions and she says she feels more open to new possibilities in life.
~A.J. wrote me the day after her Heart-Wall was released and said: “I noticed as I was walking to the river that I was NOT feeling what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, which was a stiffness and hunched posture. I was walking straight! And I’m now sitting by the river on a sandstone block, sitting with a straight spine!”
~After one wealth/abundance session, E.M. wrote to me: “I’ve had some interesting thoughts pop up, such as, “I always have enough money for everything I need.” It might not sound much, but to me that is huge!
~Robin Friedman