In November 2013 I had a client that chose distance Emotion Code sessions with me. She had nine miscarriages and was told by a naturopath that her womb was “poisoned.” She was trying anything to bring a pregnancy to term.

With The Emotion Code, we targeted any possible complications and hindrances to pregnancy. She opted for in vitro fertilization and in November 2014 she let me know she was now pregnant. This pregnancy held to term and her healthy baby is now nine months old. She is convinced that The Emotion Code was the determining factor in welcoming our “miracle” baby.

More recently, she asked me to check on her son for separation anxiety and mentioned he has several personality quirks similar to their aged family dog, who passed while she was pregnant. We found Creative Insecurity associated with separation, and Forlorn associated with the family dog that passed!

– Jackie Rioux, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner