Several years ago I came in contact with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code book. I was looking for help with depression that I have been struggling with for most of my life. I couldn’t afford to pay for a practitioner to help me, so I started to watch Dr. Nelson, and work on myself. I didn’t know what I was doing, but the more I tried and practiced on myself, the more I was able to help myself. I am now free of depression for the first time in many years, and I have been able to rid myself of a Heart-Wall full of emotional baggage that made me believe that I wasn’t smart enough, or strong enough to be successful and support my family. I am no longer afraid to try.

My favorite experience with The Emotion Code so far involved my sister June, and an ancestor. June and I were both working on our Heart-Walls. One day I found an inherited trapped emotion from my father. He inherited it from his father and so on for twenty generations all on the fathers’ side. The emotion was depression, and I discovered that this man had fallen in love with a woman and couldn’t marry her because of his social status. I released it and went to bed.

I had never found an inherited emotion from farther back than 5 years before. I had to tell June. The next day when I told her about it she said, “No way! Yesterday I found an inherited emotion, jealousy, trapped in a man 20 generations back all on the fathers’ side. He and a woman had fallen in love with each other and were unable to marry, because her parents wanted her to marry a man with a higher social status!” We were amazed! When June released that jealousy she sobbed for a minute until the feeling subsided then she sat in wonder. If there was any doubt that this work is inspired by God, it vanished that day.

I was working on one of my daughters while she was working one day. I was releasing trapped emotions from her Heart-Wall. I had received her permission, but she didn’t know that I was working on her at the time. She texted me that she was having serious anxiety for no reason that she could think of. I told her that I was working on her Heart-Wall. I don’t know if that would have caused her anxiety, but from now on I will let people know if I am about to work on them before I start.

When my oldest daughter was away at university she started to have migraines. She called me one day and asked me to do that “weird thing” that I do to make it go away. I spent some time releasing her trapped emotions and her migraine immediately went away.

~Michelle McGinn