The Body Code Success Stories

People are talking about the power of The Body Code System:

“A complete system for checking the body for what it required for healing. This program is quick and precise.”
“I was asked to find out what a women with a cough had, because her doctors couldn’t find the reason for her cough and fatigue. They just kept giving her asthma treatments and antibiotics. Her body said that she had a fungal infection in her lungs. Her doctor confirmed the condition and gave the right medication for it and she has now recovered.”
~ Bonnie Lascelles

“I LOVE the Body Code and honestly can’t believe how powerful, quick and successful it is.”
“A 36 yr old client who has had insomnia for her entire life since age 3 and has been to all the best sleep clinics from Stanford to The Mayo Clinic… all to NO avail. She just had two 1/2 hr Body Code sessions with me and sleep soundly for four consecutive days for the first time! You don’t have to know anything about healing or energy work, you can LEARN it and fast this way.”
~ Sandra Zeldes

“An example of the amazing healing effect of the Body Code has to do with my thyroid. On certain days for unknown reasons I would develop a large goiter on my neck. I found that with releasing trapped emotions and other imbalances the goiter would literally shrink in size making it almost impossible to spot. All this happened within minutes and I began to feel less lethargic and more energetic.”
Chana E.

Watch and listen to stories of people just like you who have transformed their lives with The Body Code…

“I would say my pain is now a 1!”

Listen in as Dr. brad uses The Body Code System to track down and relieve a pain in Linda’s left knee. The pain started as an 8 according to Linda and by the end of the session the pain was a 1. The Body Code helped us find and release an inherited trapped emotion that was causing Linda’s pain, and also tracked down the genealogy of the trapped emotion from her father’s side of the family, in fact it came from her grandfather. Over 56 years later and The Body Code let Linda releases the trapped emotion and reduce her pain dramatically in just minutes. Please click the video to watch a live Body Code session.

“I can’t believe it, there is a little bit there but it is like a 2”

Lynn’s neck pain started as a 7, but by the end of the session she was reporting only a 2. Dr. Nelson used The Body Code System to determine that the pain was caused by a trapped emotion of resentment that occurred around the age of 49. However it was not her resentment, instead it was another females resentment towards her. Watch the video to see The Body Code unravel this intriguing mystery and bring her pain from a 7 to a 2. Lynn said this about the experience: “Absolutely incredible, it’s a miracle.” Please click the video to watch a live Body Code session.


I know what you are thinking…

“Sure Dr. Nelson can do this stuff, but what about someone like me?”

“The Body Code can help ANYONE with ANYTHING, noticeably, easily and quickly.”
“I did a clearing on a woman’s 50 cent piece-size left armpit lumps. She tested for needing to release 4 trapped emotions out of her Heart-Wall in order to clear the left armpit lumps. By the next day, about 12 hours later, all the lumps were gone. They’ve not returned either!”
~ Katie Heath

“I’m not a psychologist or doctor, but this has been a very powerful experience for me.”
“I used The Body Code to try to solve the puzzle of ongoing high blood pressure. The Body Code led me to discover that it wasn’t exactly a trapped emotion at the root of this but I was resonating with rejection. In fact, I think I was even rejecting myself. I’m not a psychologist or doctor, but this has been a very powerful experience for me. Thank you.”
~ Susan Carey

“You will never regret it – it really works!”
“On an emotional level and spiritual level The Body Code has allowed me to becoming calmer, more peaceful, more patient, more thankful in the moment – and much more spiritually insightful -this is the greatest treasure, because no matter what they physical body manifests if you are emotionally and spiritually strong you can do all things.”
~ Brigitte Emery

What will you say about the Body Code System after you have tried it?

I have been using The Body Code personally and professionally for around 1 1/2 years now.
I got to a stage in my life where I felt “life was passing me by”, I was in a career I felt I didn’t belong, I had been through some major trauma’s in my life I was identified with and came to a point where I was simply ‘over’ myself. I had been studying Food Psychology as a personal interest and when I was made redundant I decided it was time for a change. I’d either stick to doing the same, thinking the same and getting the same (negative) results or I start exploring what was going on deeper inside of me.

That journey led me to The Emotion Code and subsequently The Body Code. In my opinion The Body Code is one of the most comprehensive, efficient and easy to use modalities in order to change your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Everything is about balance and rhythm, one thing leads to another and if you want to work out what got you to your current reality you need to turn within in order to trace back the source and change it at its core.

Modern medicine is amazing; without it I probably wouldn’t be alive today. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a melanoma tumor the size of an orange. According to the doctors it would have been slowly growing for around 5 years. It needed to be surgically removed and then treated with aggressive radio therapy. My long-term prognosis wasn’t good – it was very likely the cancer would return was the statement of my oncologist. Not the nicest and most useful verdict to have sitting in your subconscious mind! I am grateful for the intervention of modern medicine, however it became apparent to me that in order to prevent this melanoma from coming back and possibly taking my life I had to start finding ways of keeping my immune system at maximum capacity. Nobody told me how, that was the frustration. Unfortunately I didn’t know about The Body Code, imbalances in the body and how they simply are signals to guide me to the core issue. Even though I had done a lot of personal development that has kept the cancer out of my life, I now have a simple, efficient and effective tool to keep myself in check. I ‘scan’ my body at least once a week and clear any imbalances that occur from day to day stressors. Had I known this 15 years ago I believe it would have been unlikely form me to even get cancer.

I now have a successful Mind Coaching business and The Body Code is one of the prime modalities I use with all my clients.

In order to find out what has created their reality, their physical problems, their dysfunctional relationships, their weight issues, their ability to cope (or rather inability to cope) with every day stressors The Body Code is one of my most valuable tools.

There are things in life you cannot change, it is the way you respond to it that determines your destiny. In other words – bad things happen, but don’t ever feel that you are not in control of your destiny. You have the power to respond to issues by welcoming them as signs, signals and messages from your subconscious mind that there is something you need to work on. Something in your life you need to bring balance to. Once you create the balance you will find that the action from it comes from a place of love rather than fear and that is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and the world as a whole.

Ready to get started as a powerful and gifted energy healer?


“I have been disappointed in many of the systems that I had previously explored because either they seemed to be more complicated than necessary or they were fear-based and limited by their restrictions. Your approach has an eloquence based on simplicity and trust in the perfection of our design. I can’t imagine anything better to base healing on…”
Pam K., P.T., Valley Center, CA
“I believe you have given me tools to stay well & know when I’m not. I can’t say enough good about this information and the way you present it! Outstanding! Thank you from my heart!”
Yvonne S., Bend, OR
“Unspeakably great and so much information. So much Power that the average mind doesn’t even think of using.”
Gerry F., Eastlake, CO
“You won’t believe the information that you will learn and how this will help you not only in your life, but with your friends and family, and help you deal with emotions and other imbalances that can cause problems in your life. You have to experience it, otherwise you can’t believe it. It is really amazing!”
Gail R., Garden Grove, CA
“No superlatives are adequate! I’ve needed this info for so long. I’m already a new person and can’t wait to help family, friends, and others. I can’t thank you enough for my new physical well-being and for giving me the knowledge to help other people.”
Mary M., Maple Valley, WA