It was Time to Let Go and Feel Happy Again

I worked on a woman who lost her older brother who was on the US Ski Team to an avalanche. She had a series of trapped emotions, Heart-Wall emotions, and hidden Heart-Wall emotions. We were able to release every Heart-Wall emotion in one session. It took 2.5 hours but from that point, her life slowl […]

My Suffering is Over Because of The Emotion Code

I suffered from pain and inflammation in my feet so badly that I was actually given a temporary handicap plate for my car. At times I had to use the auto cart in stores. My grandkids loved it but I was embarrassed and in pain. I used The Emotion Code to release Trapped Emotions and free my Heart-Wal […]

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When Your Inner Child Needs Healing: The Emotion Code…

“I found lots of trapped emotions around the ages of 7-9 years old and most of them were about my father, grandfather and great grandfather. I felt energy leave my body in a very good way. I was also able to understand my father on a whole new level. He abandoned me because he was abandoned. That’s […]

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Hives Gone After an The Emotion Code Session

A coworker’s daughter was experiencing horrible breakouts with hives for months. I connected with her energy as a proxy as there was some distance. Using self-testing, I released a few trapped emotions, one of which was a fear of her personal power. The breakouts with hives stopped and never returne […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions Helped My Dog

My dog was peeing in his bed, which was unheard of behavior for him, so I tested him. He tested positive for bladder stones. I performed one emotion code session on him and released several trapped emotions regarding his watch dog duties. He never had another incident.

My dog was bitten by a tic […]

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After a Tragic Childhood Loss, Ellen Jones has Found Something to Help Her Heal at Last…

“I lost my mother at age 7. I had four older brothers. I was the only girl, the youngest. I did not understand what was happening so I didn’t cry much. After my mother died, I had a cruel stepmother that was very abusive. I missed the important nurturing years of my life and as a result my adult lif […]

I Could Really Feel The Emotion Code Working for Me and my Dog

The most emotional experience I’ve had with The Emotion Code was when a friend of mine was helping me release some trapped emotions on myself. We had discovered a few inherited emotions. When we released them there was a steady stream of very profound emotions coming to my conscious awareness that r […]

I Had a Wall Around My Heart…

When I read The Emotion Code book, I resonated with the Heart-Wall stories, and immediately knew that I had one. I had been having pain in my chest for quite a while. I attributed it to stress and had basically just given up on trying to make the pain go away. I have had multiple EKG’s done througho […]

So Grateful for The Emotion Code

I bought the book, The Emotion Code, in the summer of 2017. I was so deeply inspired about the method, that I instantly began using it on myself and with my friends almost everyday since then. When I was working on myself, I identified a Heart-Wall. I worked three days, did three sessions, and clear […]

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Big Changes for Clients After Releasing Trapped Emotions

My client, Jamie had pain in her sacrum at a level 5, on and off for years. After releasing 7 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, we got the pain level down to a 2.

My client, Sara had a chronic pain in her leg measuring at a level 7. After releasing 6 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, […]

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