Good Bye to Headaches and a Heart-Wall After Two Emotion Code Sessions

I started visiting with an Emotion Code practitioner last year in September. Since then I’ve visited her monthly.

In only two sessions, I got rid of my daily headache, and haven’t had a headache ever since. I also got rid of my Heart-Wall.

I have attracted a lot of good things in my life, like […]

The Emotion Code Helped These Relationships

My son has bad temper in the past and have been calmed a lot after I have used The Emotion Code on him to release lots of anger and anxiety. The same results happened to quite a few kids of my friends and they all became very positive and more opened up to get along with their friends. I also helped […]

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The Emotion Code Helps Neck and Back Pain

My daughter and I have found that after releasing several emotions we feel lighter and happier. Sometimes we really like it when we are required to get more information in order to release an emotion because that has been very enlightening information to have.
My husband had excruciating neck pain […]

Help Your Children with The Emotion Code

My son who has autism has had a lot of progress as I’ve used The Emotion Code with him. Releasing various Trapped Emotions has improved his clarity and calmness.

~Melissa L. […]

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Avoid Trapping Emotions

If you have worked with The Emotion Code and The Body Code, no doubt you have noticed positive shifts in areas of your life beyond relief of the issue you sought help for. Perhaps you feel lighter, less stressed, and less bothered by things that used to be your “pet peeves.” This is the result of yo […]

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It was Time to Let Go and Feel Happy Again

I worked on a woman who lost her older brother who was on the US Ski Team to an avalanche. She had a series of trapped emotions, Heart-Wall emotions, and hidden Heart-Wall emotions. We were able to release every Heart-Wall emotion in one session. It took 2.5 hours but from that point, her life slowl […]

My Suffering is Over Because of The Emotion Code

I suffered from pain and inflammation in my feet so badly that I was actually given a temporary handicap plate for my car. At times I had to use the auto cart in stores. My grandkids loved it but I was embarrassed and in pain. I used The Emotion Code to release Trapped Emotions and free my Heart-Wal […]

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When Your Inner Child Needs Healing: The Emotion Code…

“I found lots of trapped emotions around the ages of 7-9 years old and most of them were about my father, grandfather and great grandfather. I felt energy leave my body in a very good way. I was also able to understand my father on a whole new level. He abandoned me because he was abandoned. That’s […]

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Hives Gone After an The Emotion Code Session

A coworker’s daughter was experiencing horrible breakouts with hives for months. I connected with her energy as a proxy as there was some distance. Using self-testing, I released a few trapped emotions, one of which was a fear of her personal power. The breakouts with hives stopped and never returne […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions Helped My Dog

My dog was peeing in his bed, which was unheard of behavior for him, so I tested him. He tested positive for bladder stones. I performed one emotion code session on him and released several trapped emotions regarding his watch dog duties. He never had another incident.

My dog was bitten by a tic […]

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