Why I Am Going to Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“Once my Heart-Wall was gone, I felt a freedom emotionally and physically that I have never had before. I felt a physical release in my gut that I didn’t even realize was there after one of my sessions. I also had a physical experience happen when I released grief from my heart about my mom’s passi […]

Results of The Emotion Code Surprised the Doctor

My husband was diagnosed with cysts in his kidneys. I worked on releasing trapped emotions and clearing his Heart-Wall and when he went back to the doctor, the tests revealed that the cysts had disappeared.


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Cat and Owner Are Both Happy After Releasing Trapped Emotions

My first animal client was a cat, Jake, who lives in England. I live in the Netherlands.

Jake used to lick himself so vigorously all day, that his legs got bald, and the skin on his legs got inflamed. The vet tried anything, from pills to injections, ointments etc. Nothing worked. Jake also didn […]

Three Amazing Stories About Using The Emotion Code

A friend told me she had a frozen shoulder and had not been able to move it more then a 6 inches from her hip. She said she had already gone for massage, chiropractor and physiotherapy treatments. I asked if I could use The Emotion Code on her and within 15 minutes she could lift her arm over her he […]

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Peace Found After Clearing Trapped Emotions With The Emotion Code

The most intense experience I’ve witnessed was when I first discovered I could work on animals. My 15-year-old German Shepard was in the process of dying and was hanging on. It was torture for us, though our boy seemed to not be in pain. My husband couldn’t bear to put him down. We had rescued him a […]

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Able to Get Past Heartache with The Emotion Code

I’ve just begun using The Emotion Code to heal myself and my family. I anticipate many amazing experiences to come.
I have proven to myself that it works. I’d been suffering greatly after the recent passing of my father in May. His wife, my step-mom, has not contacted me since his death and it’s b […]

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Knee Pain Disappeared

I was working on a client at work. He had severe pain in one of his knees. I released about 4 trapped emotions and the pain in his knee was disappeared. I asked him a few days later how his knee was doing. Knee was still pain free.
~Daisy L. […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions Enables Arthritic Man to Walk Down a Steep Hill Comfortably

I met with a man named Bob for the first time, as he answered an ad I placed on Craigslist, looking for energy healing volunteers. He was a war veteran with arthritis all throughout his body. He had gone through several PTSD recovery camps and suffered from insomnia. There were too many issues to co […]

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Peaceful Sleep After Releasing Trapped Emotions!

I don’t remember how The Emotion Code fell upon me. It was like something of Greater Power knew that I needed it. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My childhood, my past, my life in general would haunt me every night when I went to bed. When I closed my eyes, the memories would flood into m […]

Good Bye to Headaches and a Heart-Wall After Two Emotion Code Sessions

I started visiting with an Emotion Code practitioner last year in September. Since then I’ve visited her monthly.

In only two sessions, I got rid of my daily headache, and haven’t had a headache ever since. I also got rid of my Heart-Wall.

I have attracted a lot of good things in my life, like […]