I went to watch Man of Steel yesterday, and without giving away too much of the story, I had some interesting thoughts about our emotions, Heart-Walls and how we “hide” from being our true selves in the world because we are afraid of what the world will think if we showed our own brilliance.?? How is this connected to the movie, I hear you ask? In the movie, Superman was initially afraid of revealing his powers to people as he was told that people would be afraid of what he had and wouldn’t understand and he eventually learned to be who he was here to be.

So here’s the connection. How often have we shied away from being who we are and being fully present to ourselves in our lives??? Is it possible to come to be fully present with who you are and live your life with authenticity and vulnerability? Vulnerability, can be seen as scary and putting yourself in a position where you feel like you can be knocked over and hurt. But here I invite you to know that just being yourself, and coming from your heart moves you to come to this place and space. ??So what does a Heart-Wall have to do with this? ?Heart-Walls, are energy walls made of emotions that get trapped around the heart. When we have a Heart-Wall, it is like we see and perceive the world through the filters of these emotions. ??Lets take a step back for a moment. Emotions are energy, just like our bodies are energy, our tissues, organs and DNA is all energy. When we experience emotions, they can get “stuck” in the body, and have a frequency of their own, that then encompass the area in the body where they are stuck. This frequency is like the filter through which our body then functions, and it isn’t our “true” frequency. ??In the same way, we can have emotions trapped around our heart, as I have said earlier, and this can prevent us from coming to a place where we can live with authenticity and vulnerability – that space of pure presence, to be able to receive and perceive without the filters of these emotions.?? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to be and live from? ??The Emotion Code, is a process, that makes it possible to identify these emotions and to release them energetically. This is possible, as the subconscious mind, which makes up 95% of our mind, holds all this information in it. By accessing this part of the mind we are able to bring up the information and release it. This then allows us to release the Heart Wall. ??Are you ready to live authentically, and discover the powerhouse that you are? By living from this space, like Superman, we too can discover our true potential and know that it’s okay to be who you are here to be no matter what the circumstances, because as you do, it allows others to be who they are here to be too.

???Here’s a video I created about the Heart Wall:

By: Charan Surdhar – CharanSurdhar.com