Curious to see if you have any Trapped Emotions holding you back?

Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease and mental illnesses.

The Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage
and release it, so you can live a better life!

In this consultation a Certified Practitioner will evaluate any Trapped Emotions that may be holding you back.

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“The relief is unexplainable to the point of shedding tears of “JOY” for the release of carrying such heavy burdens for so many years. What a wonderful feeling of release that I never dreamed would come true. Thank you, thank you.”
Luana L, Montana