My client had been trying to conceive for some time and had been coming to me for Reflexology. One day, all upset, she told me that the tests done at the hospital had shown that she could not have IVF, as she had no eggs left, and was probably going to start an early menopause now at the age of 34. So the only option for children would be to adopt.

At this time I had just read The Emotion Code and was trying it on everything and anyone who would let me. My client agreed that she had nothing to lose. I released inherited trapped emotions on her father’s side, in her ovaries, and another trapped in her uterus. My client had only a couple of sessions of The Emotion Code and as a thank-you invited me over for lunch.

On the day I arrived at her house, she was jumping up and down screaming, clenching a bottle of champagne. She had felt strange, and so had done a pregnancy test, which came back positive. She called the doctor, who told her to come in straight away as it wasn’t possible. He could not believe it. He called the hospital; they said it wasn’t possible. Today her baby girl is eighteen months old and a healthy bonny baby – no chemicals or drugs used. It was a true MIRACLE.

– Beth Foley, Certified Body Code Practitioner (United Kingdom)

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