I share the following email with permission from Karen from Wisconsin-

Hi, Dr. Brad, I had a fabulous time at the seminar in Chicago. Wow! What a lot to learn. I am so much more comfortable about it now that I’ve seen it in action over and over. I had some major breakthroughs myself as my heartwall was worked on.  Just spectacular.  I am working {playing} on my certification.

I just have to tell you one story…

I have a beautiful pair of peaceful white doves. I absolutely adore them. They have had several babies since I’ve owned them but they ignore them and the babies have died. Doves are very good parents and raise their babies on their own so this was very sad for me. They were due to hatch some more eggs and I was so concerned about them. I was thinking about the previous owner and she told me that she just couldn’t take care of them and the people before her just couldn’t take care of them, either. {By the way, they are so sweet and easy to take care of} I wondered if they were traumatized, and if The Emotion Code would help them.

I worked on each of them individually and the female especially had quite a few trapped emotions. The male had just one. I will work on them again this week. The very next day I noticed them both in the nest box. The male was helping with the hatching of the baby. He removed the eggshell from the nest and both of them are taking care of the baby beautifully. The baby is a week old and growing perfectly. The parents used to tremble when I petted them but they don’t anymore. I am thrilled to say the least. Thanks so much for such a wonderful healing method. I enjoyed the call last week. It is always enlightening.

-Karen Praksti in Wisconsin

This is first story of the Emotion Code being used on birds that I know of, but all creatures experience emotions. What a beautiful understanding this is, don’t you agree?

Dr. Brad : )