Testimonials to the effectiveness of “The Emotion Code” method of emotional healing, including stories of instantaneous pain relief and relief of many other symptoms, both physical and emotional, upon the release of a “trapped emotion.”

Releasing Trapped Emotions Enables Arthritic Man to Walk Down a Steep Hill Comfortably

I met with a man named Bob for the first time, as he answered an ad I placed on Craigslist, looking for energy healing volunteers. He was a war veteran with arthritis all throughout his body. He had gone through several PTSD recovery camps and suffered from insomnia. There were too many issues to co […]

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Peaceful Sleep After Releasing Trapped Emotions!

I don’t remember how The Emotion Code fell upon me. It was like something of Greater Power knew that I needed it. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My childhood, my past, my life in general would haunt me every night when I went to bed. When I closed my eyes, the memories would flood into m […]

Thank You From the Bottom of My Healing Heart!

I started being interested in The Emotion Code after hearing an interview with Dr. Nelson in 2012.

At the time, I was in a toxic, mutually destructive relationship. I was suicidal, broke and broken. I had been trying all manner of “healing” and “healings.” Being a Reiki master (not practicing) si […]

The Emotion Code and Lions in the African Bush

My lion families say hi. They live in big compounds in the African bush and I walk with them in the bush until they are about 3.5 yrs old. I feel privileged that they marked me to be part of their lion prides. Yes, I got sprayed numerous times to confirm that I belong with them. I must behave like t […]

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Physical Changes Manifest for Daughter & Mother after Releasing Their Trapped Emotions

My favorite story is about Lorie who had a very pronounced hump in her neck. I had worked on her by proxy to clear her Heart-Wall. Once her Heart-Wall was cleared, I worked with her in person because her neck and back were hurting. Her pain level was about an 8 out of 10 when she arrived. I starte […]

I Feel Love Now that My Heart-Wall is Gone

I had a Heart-Wall before and I know it is now gone. I have been married for 25 years and never felt like I was fully connected to my husband. I felt distant, like there was a wall between his heart and mine. I could lay beside him at night and feel no connection to him at all. Since removing my Hea […]

Able to Relax!

Madeline Habib is one of our Certified Body Code practitioners and she just received this from one of her clients:

Dear Madeline,

I want to thank you again for a wonderful session this past Thursday. I had a really bothersome day that day and being the type to dwell about it, I tend to replay […]

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My Life Has Changed So Much

It’s amazing! My life has changed so much since I started, and I have only practiced on myself a few times. I feel better in every way. I used to be a little shy, but now I talk to everyone. I did a few Heart-Wall sessions and I’m not as angry as I was about certain things. This is why I’m taking th […]

Good Bye to Headaches and a Heart-Wall After Two Emotion Code Sessions

I started visiting with an Emotion Code practitioner last year in September. Since then I’ve visited her monthly.

In only two sessions, I got rid of my daily headache, and haven’t had a headache ever since. I also got rid of my Heart-Wall.

I have attracted a lot of good things in my life, like […]

Simple Process with Very Powerful Results!

Two simple stories that show very powerful results:

Our 13-year-old dog had her remaining 8 teeth removed in November and while she was under anesthesia, they trimmed her nails very short. When we tried to trim her nails a few months later, she severely reacted and we could barely trim one foot p […]

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