Testimonials to the effectiveness of “The Emotion Code” method of emotional healing, including stories of instantaneous pain relief and relief of many other symptoms, both physical and emotional, upon the release of a “trapped emotion.”

The Emotion Code Helped These Relationships

My son has bad temper in the past and have been calmed a lot after I have used The Emotion Code on him to release lots of anger and anxiety. The same results happened to quite a few kids of my friends and they all became very positive and more opened up to get along with their friends. I also helped […]

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Truly Happy Once Again

I had the Emotion Code healing on me and after 3 weeks, I’m a new person. Lots of deep embedded emotions were lifted as I felt so much lighter. Really hard to explain but I felt emotionally unclogged, truly happy once again, simply amazing.

~ Robin F.

Emotion Code, healing, lighter, unclogged, […]

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I Finally Found My Grandmother

My grandma is a hard woman. She had to work all the time in her childhood. After marriage, she was often beaten by an alcoholic husband and ended up raising four children by herself. When she finally retired, her eldest son was killed and she carried the burden of raising four grand-daughters for th […]

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He’s a Happy Dog After The Emotion Code Session

I used The Emotion Code on my Shar Pei dog. He was very distressed when he went out. He had destroyed our front and back doors downstairs, even though he could still get into the house upstairs. It was to the point we where looking at getting him put down. Since completing a session on him, he has b […]

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Communication and Interaction Improved After an Emotion Code Session

Russell, aged 57, was emotionally closed and non-communicative in many ways. After a proxy session, Russell began to be more open with his wife, discussing things that normally he would have avoided. He began thinking about her well-being more actively, and going out of his way to take her to somewh […]

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Removing Blocks Helped Success

I did a session on the co-pastor of my church. She wanted to remove blocks in order to progress in her business. The next Sunday, she gave the sermon, and I could see the difference. She was very alive, shining, and inspired. There was participation from the congregation. In the following weeks, she […]

A Stray Cat Finds Peace After His Heart-Wall is Gone

We had a stray cat around for a while that we were never able to even pet, but it would come around for food. Last spring, I decided to do some work on this animal, to see if it would become less scared. I did a couple of sessions, among them being able to remove the Heart-Wall. The cat did become m […]

No Longer Closed; Completely Connected to Life Now!

In 2009, I took my first Seminar with Dr. Bradley Nelson. Since that moment, I felt completely attracted to the The Body Code and The Emotion Code. I have been professionally Certified for 4 years, and witnessed so many blessings. Every person, every blessing fills my heart with a deep feeling of gr […]

Blocks Released Let Them Have a New Zest for Life

Recently I worked with Shawn who is a 50-something-year-old gay male. Shawn has not shared many of his life stories of abuse as a child, but with the help of The Emotion Code, Shawn came away completely unblocked in areas of his mind and body that were almost unexplainable. He shared with me stories […]

The Emotion Code Helps Neck and Back Pain

My daughter and I have found that after releasing several emotions we feel lighter and happier. Sometimes we really like it when we are required to get more information in order to release an emotion because that has been very enlightening information to have.
My husband had excruciating neck pain […]