Testimonials to the effectiveness of “The Emotion Code” method of emotional healing, including stories of instantaneous pain relief and relief of many other symptoms, both physical and emotional, upon the release of a “trapped emotion.”

An Emotion Code Certification Student Reports Success

Here are some of the results I have experienced when using the Emotion Code:

1. Jay’s stomach stopped hurting.
2. Joe’s shoulder stopped hurting.
3. Gary’s skin feels relief.
4. Tracy is having less headaches and feels more emotionally stable.


Dottie Noticed Big Changes as She Used The Emotion Code and The Body Code With Her Loved Ones…

My special-needs son was able to socialize much better after several sessions.
A friend had a major realization regarding her relationship with her husband after a session.
My personal healing was remarkable! Learning The Body Code changed my life dramatically, as well as family, friends and neigh […]

Children are Everything to Their Mothers! Michelle Taylor Helped Her Own Kids Heal…

“With what little knowledge I have, I have been able to help my kids with some healing. To that I am very thankful. That is why I am continuing on this journey. I had great success with several of my children already. I hope to learn more, quickly, so that I may continue to assist them in healing.”

Life works better with The Emotion Code…

Connie was in pain all day with her knee, to where she had trouble getting around at work. She experienced a healing as the pain was completely gone following our Emotion Code Session together!

Nadine was having a hard time focusing on her school work. She noticed being able to focus better after […]

Outlook Changed When My Heart Was Opened

I had a Heart-Wall. It was released about 6-8 months ago. I didn’t notice any immediate effects but about 4 months after its complete release, I realized that my entire outlook on life and people had changed. I was more compassionate, understanding, loving, and open to people than I had ever been in […]

Releasing Her Heart-Walls Literally Stopped Her Heart Problems

I’ve had two Heart-Walls. The first one was released when I was 19. I had had quite a bit of chest pain for years and asked to have that worked on. It took a couple of Emotion Code sessions to get it released but when it finally happened, my chest felt immensely better.

The second Heart-Wall was […]

Releasing My Heart-Wall Changed Me

Working on releasing my Heart-Wall has allowed me to be more present and better serve my patients instead of feeling trapped or guarded.

~Dr. Diana Spencer


Physical Effects Evident After Using The Emotion Code

When we used The Emotion Code, Ken’s shoulder pain went from an 8 to a 2 on the pain scale almost immediately. Fay’s toe pain subsided and by the next day was gone for good.

~ Kristin E. […]

Some of My Emotion Code Successes

A 10-year-old girl was having anxiety attacks because she worried about something on a daily basis. After 5 sessions with me, she has not had an anxiety attack since, in a year and a half.

An 8-year-old dog, mid-size was very anxious and nervous since the owners got her 4 years ago. The 6 emotio […]

A Happy Birthday For My Son!

My son, Andy, was losing weight and getting weak and dizzy. He dropped nearly 50 pounds in a few months and his boss sent him to the doctor. Blood tests showed a very high white cell count. A second test was done and it showed leukemia. I called Susan Darrington for Body Code work and she balanced A […]

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