Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

Taking Your Heart-Wall Down Feels Like Returning to Innocence

“I have only had one Heart-Wall healing and I’m confident it needs more work, but I have noticed I am more like I was as a child. I’m much more affectionate, hugging people at random and not as guarded as I have been.”

~Angela Christou […]

In Releasing Her Nephew’s Heart-Wall, Stephanie Graham Brought a Surprise to Light…

I am very slowly learning how to use The Emotion Code. I have practiced on family members only. I was able to find a Heart-Wall on my 17-year-old nephew, with a trapped emotion of anger. I needed to find out more and it was an inherited trapped emotion on his father’s side. I was able to release it. […]

It was Time to Let Go and Feel Happy Again

I worked on a woman who lost her older brother who was on the US Ski Team to an avalanche. She had a series of trapped emotions, Heart-Wall emotions, and hidden Heart-Wall emotions. We were able to release every Heart-Wall emotion in one session. It took 2.5 hours but from that point, her life slowl […]

Outlook Changed When My Heart Was Opened

I had a Heart-Wall. It was released about 6-8 months ago. I didn’t notice any immediate effects but about 4 months after its complete release, I realized that my entire outlook on life and people had changed. I was more compassionate, understanding, loving, and open to people than I had ever been in […]

Releasing Her Heart-Walls Literally Stopped Her Heart Problems

I’ve had two Heart-Walls. The first one was released when I was 19. I had had quite a bit of chest pain for years and asked to have that worked on. It took a couple of Emotion Code sessions to get it released but when it finally happened, my chest felt immensely better.

The second Heart-Wall was […]

A Heart-Wall Released Brought Peace

Last month my long-time friend came over asking if I could help her adult daughter’s ongoing ear drainage, and all other issues relating to her ear problems. I was led to find a Heart-Wall. The first word that came to mind was “Fur.” I know they can be made of anything symbolically, and I knew the h […]

I Feel Much Better Now that My Heart-Wall is Gone

I had a Heart-Wall. I have felt more feelings of peace since it has been removed. I feel more connected to my husband and children. Feelings of gratitude and abundance are more present.

~Gretchen D. […]

Releasing My Heart-Wall Helped Me to Value Who I Am

I had a Heart-Wall. I had it released but due to some life circumstances, I have created a new one. I have to say that having the first one released, I’ve been able to start to come to my own. I have, for the first time in many years been able to express myself in an honest way that respects who I a […]

Lighten Your Load with The Emotion Code

“… As I released my Heart-Wall, I felt as light as a butterfly!”

~Petra N. […]

Looking Happy, Feeling Happy

The changes that have unfolded since the release of my Heart-Wall, have been gradual, yet astounding! I am enjoying feeling more peace, love, compassion and gratitude in my day-to-day life than I could possibly have imagined! Recently, I was even asked twice in one day, what I was doing… In both c […]