Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

New Confidence to Help Heal the World After Releasing Her Heart-Wall

“Since releasing my Heart-Wall, I’ve been much more focused and decisive about my calling to help heal the world. I find that I’ve had no problem having clients to work with while working on my certification. Before releasing my Heart-Wall, I was not sure that I could do this certification or that I […]

Three Success Stories!

These three success stories shared by Robin Friedman made a difference, not only to her, but to those she helped.
~We released a cord from M. W. while working on releasing her Heart-Wall. She told me she felt a tingling in her back and later reported that she had no more back pain. She’d had back p […]

Even Those New to The Emotion Code See Noticeable Results Quickly!

I’ve only been aware of The Emotion Code for two weeks and have already begun working on myself and my loved ones. In myself (after only 2 sessions), I’ve brought my Heart-Wall down from 3 miles thick to 1.5 miles. There’s still a while to go, but I’m so impressed by how quickly the Emotion Code wor […]

Happy Beyond Words After Clearing Her Heart-Wall!

I had many layers in the wall around my heart that that blocked me from living my life to the fullest. When I was cleared with The Emotion Code, we found emotions of abandonment, betrayal, grief, despair, doubt, lost, bitterness, guilt, shame dread, peeved, failure, panic, taken for granted and shoc […]

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Heart-Wall and the Man of Steel

I went to watch Man of Steel yesterday, and without giving away too much of the story, I had some interesting thoughts about our emotions, Heart-Walls and how we “hide” from being our true selves in the world because we are afraid of what the world will think if we showed our own brilliance.?? How i […]

Inspiring Stories About Removing the Heart-Wall

The response to my request for Heart-Wall stories has been overwhelming. I feel blessed to share this miraculous journey with all of you!

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Helga Campbell (View Spotlight), an active Practitioner shared this story:

After having released close […]

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A Beautiful Song About the Heart-Wall

I recently stumbled across this song by Mary Chapin Carpenter about the Heart-Wall. A beautiful song, very insightful.


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Kathleen’s Heart Wall

We thought you would be interested in reading Kathleen’s story about her experience with the Emotion Code and specifically, the heart wall.

Thank You for Sharing Your Story, Kathleen! – Kristi Nelson
Hello Dr. Nelson,
I want to say first that I am blown away by what I have been able to clear us […]

Testimonials About The Emotion Code

I have been collecting stories from people around the world about their successes with the Emotion Code, and I am sorry that I haven’t gotten to posting them before this; there are lots more, but this will do for starters! – Dr. Brad : ) My mother had told a friend about the emotion code, and bought a copy of the book for her to read. However she lacked the confidence to practice it alone and her husband would not have

Some Beautiful Thoughts on the Heart-Wall

Dear Dr. Nelson, Thanks so much for The Emotion Code. I found that I had a heart wall and it was made of cloth. Intuitively, I asked if it was made of blankets and got a Yes answer. I was curious about that, and then it hit me. When I was a child I had a yellow blanket. I’d put it over my head and body, go into the kitchen, and tell my mom, “I’m the cookie monster, give me some cookies.” (And this was before Sesame Street). I’d made my

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