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Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

Happy All the Time, Like Me!

In 2009, I used The Emotion Code to remove a Heart-Wall of over 300 trapped emotions! This created much more peace and happiness for me.

After the real estate crash, I had to sell my house in Atlanta as a “short sale” in order to move to Indianapolis. I went to become a full-time caretaker for my […]

The Subconscious Mind Can Surprise You!

“I know a gal who felt strongly that I was to do this work (using The Emotion Code). She had cancer and desired that I work on her. She was too sick for me to come to her so I worked on her from my home. As I was working on her, I found that she had a Heart-Wall made of basketballs. This didn’t make […]

Are You Blocked From Feeling Your Emotions Fully?

When I first learned about the Heart-Wall, I tested to see what it was made of symbolically. It was made of a specific teddy bear that I’d had when I was a child. I remember that one. I had a Heart-Wall and worked to clear it. Much of it cleared doing The Emotion Code on others giving service. When […]

Experiences With A Body Code Practitioner May Change Your Life Like It Has Mine!

I had a session with a Body Code Practitioner last month, and found out that I had 9 emotions in my Heart-Wall- 2 pre-conceived, 2 maternally inherited, and 5 from my personal experiences.

When the practitioner identified them one by one, I keep nodding my head, deeply knowing that this was true. […]

Stepping Into A Dream Career By Getting Certified

“I have been a practicum client for my sister Shirley who is about to be certified in The Emotion Code. I have been able to clear lots of trapped emotions and also a Heart-Wall. I already know that this work is amazing and I want to make it my new career. Truly this is the medicine of the future. Th […]

Amazing Stories of Real Change With The Emotion Code!

Scott Chandler has seen some pretty amazing things during the few months he has been doing The Emotion Code. He’s shared who’s benefitted and what happened…
My wife had really swollen feet from pregnancy for 3 months and during a session, her feet went instantly back to normal. We had tried lymph […]

Releasing Your Heart-Wall is Setting Yourself Free!

I ordered The Emotion Code book on October 22, 2012 after hearing Dr. Nelson speak with Dr. Karen Kan about the Emotion Code. Upon the arrival of the book, I completely devoured it! I began using and testing the method on myself, my family and my friends. After hundreds of hours of practice, I was w […]

Granted A New Lease On Life With Her Heart-Wall Completely Released

I worked on my 83-year-old mother to release her Heart-Wall with several sessions. She was very frail from taking care of my dad for 5 years, after he had several strokes until the time he passed away. Practically from the first emotions released, she sounded very different- stronger, alert, and she […]

Life Changing Transformations With The Emotion Code!

Christopher, age 22 months… His father brought him to me to see if Christopher had any trapped emotions. His Heart-Wall was a three inch, colorful bubble, keeping his lil heart safe. A stinking adorable bubble! When they came into my home, Christopher wouldn’t look at me, talk to me, or even make […]

Steel Heart-Wall is Gone & Heart Now Feels Happy!

My Heart-Wall was 22 feet thick, symbolically made of steel. It took many sessions over a year to completely take it down. I found a hidden Heart-Wall after a few sessions. Since taking it down, I have a new sensation around my heart. I can feel it all the time and sometimes I feel like it physicall […]