Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

Granted A New Lease On Life With Her Heart-Wall Completely Released

I worked on my 83-year-old mother to release her Heart-Wall with several sessions. She was very frail from taking care of my dad for 5 years, after he had several strokes until the time he passed away. Practically from the first emotions released, she sounded very different- stronger, alert, and she […]

Life Changing Transformations With The Emotion Code!

Christopher, age 22 months… His father brought him to me to see if Christopher had any trapped emotions. His Heart-Wall was a three inch, colorful bubble, keeping his lil heart safe. A stinking adorable bubble! When they came into my home, Christopher wouldn’t look at me, talk to me, or even make […]

Steel Heart-Wall is Gone & Heart Now Feels Happy!

My Heart-Wall was 22 feet thick, symbolically made of steel. It took many sessions over a year to completely take it down. I found a hidden Heart-Wall after a few sessions. Since taking it down, I have a new sensation around my heart. I can feel it all the time and sometimes I feel like it physicall […]

The Emotion Code Left Her Feeling Lighter and Happier

I had a Heart-Wall but it’s been cleared away. Since it was released I have noticed some improvements in my life. These days, I feel my emotions more deeply, in a good way. I’m happier and more satisfied with my life. I also feel that something heavy has been “lifted” away from my chest.
~Anna Olss […]

How Beautiful it is To Feel With Your Heart!

I had a Heart-Wall. I released it several years ago. After its release, I started to feel, for the first time …..a warm, fuzzy feeling when experiencing love for a loved-one. This was not just the knowledge that yes, I loved them,…but a real PHYSICAL SENSATION in my heart area…amazing!
~Lauri […]

Her Heart-Wall of Ice Melted and Opened a Way to Happiness!

“I had a Heart-Wall and was able to release it when I started working with The Emotion Code. It took me about 5 sessions to clear it. I had to laugh when I discovered the material it was made of was ice, 42′ of it! My ex-husband used to call me the “Ice Queen.” Once I cleared the Heart-Wall, I immed […]

Can The Emotion Code Help Those Who Are Mentally Ill?

Denise reported working with Rod, age 59 who is very mentally sick. She stated, “Most everyone’s opinion was that he should be institutionalized. He was in such a state as to stay in bed and only eat cheese sticks, not talking to anyone. My first challenge was to get permission to work with him, to […]

New Confidence to Help Heal the World After Releasing Her Heart-Wall

“Since releasing my Heart-Wall, I’ve been much more focused and decisive about my calling to help heal the world. I find that I’ve had no problem having clients to work with while working on my certification. Before releasing my Heart-Wall, I was not sure that I could do this certification or that I […]

Three Success Stories!

These three success stories shared by Robin Friedman made a difference, not only to her, but to those she helped.
~We released a cord from M. W. while working on releasing her Heart-Wall. She told me she felt a tingling in her back and later reported that she had no more back pain. She’d had back p […]

Even Those New to The Emotion Code See Noticeable Results Quickly!

I’ve only been aware of The Emotion Code for two weeks and have already begun working on myself and my loved ones. In myself (after only 2 sessions), I’ve brought my Heart-Wall down from 3 miles thick to 1.5 miles. There’s still a while to go, but I’m so impressed by how quickly the Emotion Code wor […]