Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

Inspiring Stories About Removing the Heart-Wall

The response to my request for Heart-Wall stories has been overwhelming. I feel blessed to share this miraculous journey with all of you!

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Helga Campbell (View Spotlight), an active Practitioner shared this story:

After having released close to 20 Heart-Walls from Caroline (age 43), I received the following story:

‘My husband has commen […]

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A Beautiful Song About the Heart-Wall

I recently stumbled across this song by Mary Chapin Carpenter about the Heart-Wall. A beautiful song, very insightful.


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Kathleen’s Heart Wall

We thought you would be interested in reading Kathleen’s story about her experience with the Emotion Code and specifically, the heart wall.

Thank You for Sharing Your Story, Kathleen! – Kristi Nelson
Hello Dr. Nelson,
I want to say first that I am blown away by what I have been able to clear using the emotion code. Today I cleared something amazing.  It was “blaming”, and I was able to ascert […]

The Emotion Code Teleseminar Recording from 08/20/2009

Teleseminar Audio:

Hi everyone – Thanks so much to all of you who were on the calls, and special thanks to those of you who were on the calls as “Guinea Pigs.” Once again, we had people from around the world on these calls, and we had some remarkable and fun healings as people’s trapped emotions were released by proxy, at a distance, from halfway around the world, some of them.

We set a rec […]

Comments from the Emotion Code Seminar in St. George, 02-2009

The Emotion Code Seminar in Kelowna, BC March 6-7, 2009!

Mar 6-7

The Emotion Code Seminar
(Two Days – See Times Below)

Conference Centre


Details: Kelowna, BC, Canada truly is a world-class destination for work and pleasure. The city itself offers a dramatic cityscape and thriving downtown core. Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, its moderate climate offers […]

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Comments from the Chicago Emotion Code Seminar Last Weekend!

We had a great time at the seminar in Chicago this past weekend! Thanks to all who came out- you are awesome! And three cheers for Ruth Loh for making it all possible! Here is some of the feedback we got at the end of the weekend- enjoy! For three decades I have been explaining how to awaken the unconscious conscious. In hours, I

the Emotion Code Teleseminar Recordings from Jan 1st, 2009

AM Teleseminar:
PM Teleseminar:

On these two calls you will hear a brief introduction of The Emotion Code, followed by examples of distance or proxy healing. We have calls from people all over the world on both of these calls, and I want to express my thanks to all of you who were on the calls, and of course, special thanks to those of you who were my “Guinea Pigs.” Also, special thanks to m […]

Comments from “The Emotion Code” Seminar Last Weekend…

Thanks to all of you who attended my seminar in St. George last weekend. What a great group! Here’s what some of you had to say… “Great Seminar! Very informative and inspiring! Dr. Nelson’s presentation was clear and direct, and interspersed with lots of humor. I recommend this seminar to anyone looking for a simple, clear and precise way to release trapped emotions for a brighter and fuller life!” – Bob Russo “Once my Heart-Wall started to come down, I was at last able to feel love and give love – first time in 58 years. My husband could feel my love at last and it brought him to tears” – Eileen Telford

Testimonials About The Emotion Code

I have been collecting stories from people around the world about their successes with the Emotion Code, and I am sorry that I haven’t gotten to posting them before this; there are lots more, but this will do for starters! – Dr. Brad : ) My mother had told a friend about the emotion code, and bought a copy of the book for her to read. However she lacked the confidence to practice it alone and her husband would not have