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Information pertaining to the “Heart-Wall,” the energy wall that is put up by the subconscious mind to protect the heart.

Seeing a Difference with The Emotion Code Already

I had 21 layers in my iron Heart-Wall, and on 2-22-2018 I released the first 3 layers. After that, I found myself more open. Finally, for the first time in years, I was excited to go on a trip with my sisters, which we try and do every other year. This year it felt right to go.

~Anonymous […]

After a Tragic Childhood Loss, Ellen Jones has Found Something to Help Her Heal at Last…

“I lost my mother at age 7. I had four older brothers. I was the only girl, the youngest. I did not understand what was happening so I didn’t cry much. After my mother died, I had a cruel stepmother that was very abusive. I missed the important nurturing years of my life and as a result my adult lif […]

I Had a Wall Around My Heart…

When I read The Emotion Code book, I resonated with the Heart-Wall stories, and immediately knew that I had one. I had been having pain in my chest for quite a while. I attributed it to stress and had basically just given up on trying to make the pain go away. I have had multiple EKG’s done througho […]

My Heart-Wall Release Ended My Shame

I received a session which cleared my Heart-Wall. It measured as 97 yards of trapped emotional energy. There was a bad marriage and I’d experienced child custody conflicts for at least a decade. I had insecurity around being able to support the children effectively. The shame that I’d felt for years […]

Life is Worth Living Again with The Emotion Code

“For as long as memory serves, I have sought answers to behavioral problems that I secretly grappled with which had left me frustrated, confused and hopeless. Fortunately, my girlfriend persisted in her introduction of The Emotion Code with me. Although I was initially reluctant, I’m now in the proc […]

Happy All the Time, Like Me!

In 2009, I used The Emotion Code to remove a Heart-Wall of over 300 trapped emotions! This created much more peace and happiness for me.

After the real estate crash, I had to sell my house in Atlanta as a “short sale” in order to move to Indianapolis. I went to become a full-time caretaker for my […]

The Subconscious Mind Can Surprise You!

“I know a gal who felt strongly that I was to do this work (using The Emotion Code). She had cancer and desired that I work on her. She was too sick for me to come to her so I worked on her from my home. As I was working on her, I found that she had a Heart-Wall made of basketballs. This didn’t make […]

Are You Blocked From Feeling Your Emotions Fully?

When I first learned about the Heart-Wall, I tested to see what it was made of symbolically. It was made of a specific teddy bear that I’d had when I was a child. I remember that one. I had a Heart-Wall and worked to clear it. Much of it cleared doing The Emotion Code on others giving service. When […]

Experiences With A Body Code Practitioner May Change Your Life Like It Has Mine!

I had a session with a Body Code Practitioner last month, and found out that I had 9 emotions in my Heart-Wall- 2 pre-conceived, 2 maternally inherited, and 5 from my personal experiences.

When the practitioner identified them one by one, I keep nodding my head, deeply knowing that this was true. […]

Stepping Into A Dream Career By Getting Certified

“I have been a practicum client for my sister Shirley who is about to be certified in The Emotion Code. I have been able to clear lots of trapped emotions and also a Heart-Wall. I already know that this work is amazing and I want to make it my new career. Truly this is the medicine of the future. Th […]