Peaceful Sleep After Releasing Trapped Emotions!

I don’t remember how The Emotion Code fell upon me. It was like something of Greater Power knew that I needed it. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My childhood, my past, my life in general would haunt me every night when I went to bed. When I closed my eyes, the memories would flood into m […]

Dogs Need The Emotion Code as Much as People Do!

Jazzy, a Chocolate Lab, came from a puppy farm where she spent years getting pregnant, all to have her puppies ripped away from her. Jazzy was on anxiety medication. She was the most fearful dog I had ever seen. It was heartbreaking. To even get her into the house and to sit with her foster parent f […]

Overcoming Negative Feelings

What should you do when you are having a rough time with negative feelings? We all have upsets from time to time as life throws its curve balls. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone either by choices of your own or by the interactions you have with others. The circumstances of life are nev […]

Discover Love, Abundance and Joy Through The Emotion Code

Much of your suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within you. The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing your trapped emotional energies.

As you live through the days and years of your life you are continually experiencing emoti […]

Five Things You Should Know to Use The Emotion Code Correctly

Trapped Emotions are identified individually and released one at a time, not in groups or bundles. Every trapped emotional energy is significant in your life. Each one has had an impact on you in some way or another. Each comes from a specific time or event that was experienced either by you or s […]

Got Depression? You’ve Got Emotional Baggage!

Depression. Has it been a part of your life? New discoveries in Energy Medicine are revealing that depression is often the result of traumatic emotional events that stay with us in the form of “trapped emotions.”

If you are like most people, your life has had its darker times. You have probably e […]

Emotional Baggage, Sports and Pain

Many years ago, a patient named Shirley came to me with a big problem. “Dr. Nelson,” she said, “My knees are killing me. They hurt me constantly, and the pain has gotten so bad that I can’t Jazzercise anymore. If I can’t Jazzercise, I can’t lose weight, and if I can’t lose weight, I’m going to lose […]

Could This Be Your Dream Career?

If you’re out of school, between jobs or thinking about making a change in employment, you know how stressful it is to even think about job hunting. Sometimes we stay in a job that we aren’t really happy with, just because searching for a new job sounds too painful. Finding something interesting, ma […]

Change our Hearts, Change the World

Our hearts go out to the victims of this senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon. It’s hard to imagine what goes on in the mind of a person so deranged to think that a horrific act like this is somehow acceptable.

Unfortunately, violent acts like this have been going on on a daily basis on this […]

Three Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

Can you remember a time in your life when you thought your heart was going to break? Can you remember feeling that sensation often referred to as “heartache?” It may have felt as if an elephant were sitting on your chest, or that you couldn’t breathe. These are common physical sensations that result […]