Doing The Emotion Code Healed His Knee Pain

My friend texted that her husband, Glen, was in pain. His knees hurt so much, he was in tears. He was having difficulties getting around at work. He was up and down continuously on his knees getting tools.

I asked Glen for permission to work on him. I went through The Emotion Code Charts for Tra […]

Energy Healing Has Made the Difference

I had a Heart-Wall… It is now removed! I’ve had sessions with The Body Code, The Emotion Code and T3. My life has transformed! I’m feeling free and happy!

~Jenny A.

Tears of Joy Instead of Tears of Pain

I have an Emotion Code success story. I have had lower back pain for about the last 10 years. I have been to a chiropractor for the last 4 years, with the last treatments being decompression sessions, where I would lay on a bed, my hips were wrapped tightly with straps, then another strap was attac […]

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I Found What I Had Been Looking For!

I had been wanting to help people with their health for 28 years. I tried to do so through diet, through essential oils, and by learning a few other other healing methods. Nothing really felt like “the answer.” I first saw The Emotion Code book at a thrift store in December of 2017. I picked it up, […]

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Relationship Love and Connection

Rebecca had a Heart-Wall that was 6 feet deep and made of concrete. When it was removed after three sessions, she experienced feeling happier, and lighter, and was more able to move forward in terms of dating. Shortly after that, she met a gentleman at work who she is now dating and is happy with.

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The Emotion Code – An Essential Piece to Transforming Humanity

The mother-in-law of my partner has not spoken to her husband in essentially 8 months due to years of blame for each other’s misery. She was reluctant to have me do The Emotion Code on her, but after seeing her husband cry for the first time ever after I helped him release his Heart-Wall she said, […]

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Two Stories: Fantastic Results After Using The Emotion Code

Cherie has had a weak bladder for a very long time. Sometimes she would have to go to the bathroom three times in the one mall visit, which would have her daughters rolling their eyes. She was worried about starting a new job which would have her visiting people in their homes and being too embarra […]

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Pursuing Emotion Code Certification So She Can Help Others

When I was 14 years old, my mother had a nervous break down and walked out on our family, leaving me and my 2-year-old little brother behind. She became addicted to crack cocaine and came in and out of my life for over 30 years.

When I started my own family, I made a very clear decision that I w […]

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With the Emotion Code I Found My Purpose

I was clueless about my life’s purpose after a devastating divorce and unsuccessful business endeavor. I was having difficulty picking back up again to face the world. After my Heart-Wall was removed using the Emotion Code, I felt a huge block lifted from my heart. I cried for days. The emotions th […]

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Results of The Emotion Code Surprised the Doctor

My husband was diagnosed with cysts in his kidneys. I worked on releasing trapped emotions and clearing his Heart-Wall and when he went back to the doctor, the tests revealed that the cysts had disappeared.


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