Able to Relax!

Madeline Habib is one of our Certified Body Code practitioners and she just received this from one of her clients:

Dear Madeline,

I want to thank you again for a wonderful session this past Thursday. I had a really bothersome day that day and being the type to dwell about it, I tend to replay […]

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My Life Has Changed So Much

It’s amazing! My life has changed so much since I started, and I have only practiced on myself a few times. I feel better in every way. I used to be a little shy, but now I talk to everyone. I did a few Heart-Wall sessions and I’m not as angry as I was about certain things. This is why I’m taking th […]

Good Bye to Headaches and a Heart-Wall After Two Emotion Code Sessions

I started visiting with an Emotion Code practitioner last year in September. Since then I’ve visited her monthly.

In only two sessions, I got rid of my daily headache, and haven’t had a headache ever since. I also got rid of my Heart-Wall.

I have attracted a lot of good things in my life, like […]

Simple Process with Very Powerful Results!

Two simple stories that show very powerful results:

Our 13-year-old dog had her remaining 8 teeth removed in November and while she was under anesthesia, they trimmed her nails very short. When we tried to trim her nails a few months later, she severely reacted and we could barely trim one foot p […]

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The Emotion Code Helped This Family in Every Day Life

I would say the biggest results were seen in my wife and me. We have both changed so much since I started doing The Emotion Code on us last fall. We have both improved leaps and bounds in how we handle daily stress and disagreements. We are much more patient with each other and the kids. When stress […]

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The Emotion Code Helped These Relationships

My son has bad temper in the past and have been calmed a lot after I have used The Emotion Code on him to release lots of anger and anxiety. The same results happened to quite a few kids of my friends and they all became very positive and more opened up to get along with their friends. I also helped […]

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Truly Happy Once Again

I had the Emotion Code healing on me and after 3 weeks, I’m a new person. Lots of deep embedded emotions were lifted as I felt so much lighter. Really hard to explain but I felt emotionally unclogged, truly happy once again, simply amazing.

~ Robin F.

Emotion Code, healing, lighter, unclogged, […]

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I Finally Found My Grandmother

My grandma is a hard woman. She had to work all the time in her childhood. After marriage, she was often beaten by an alcoholic husband and ended up raising four children by herself. When she finally retired, her eldest son was killed and she carried the burden of raising four grand-daughters for th […]

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He’s a Happy Dog After The Emotion Code Session

I used The Emotion Code on my Shar Pei dog. He was very distressed when he went out. He had destroyed our front and back doors downstairs, even though he could still get into the house upstairs. It was to the point we where looking at getting him put down. Since completing a session on him, he has b […]

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Communication and Interaction Improved After an Emotion Code Session

Russell, aged 57, was emotionally closed and non-communicative in many ways. After a proxy session, Russell began to be more open with his wife, discussing things that normally he would have avoided. He began thinking about her well-being more actively, and going out of his way to take her to somewh […]

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