Happier and Starting to Get Close to People with Heart-Wall Gone

I had a Heart-Wall about three weeks ago. It was 93 miles thick and made of titanium. After about three sessions, Annie Fischer released it. Since then, I have felt better about myself and am happier. Also, I am more confident and goal-oriented. It used to be hard for me to let people into my life, […]

Three Amazing Stories About Using The Emotion Code

A friend told me she had a frozen shoulder and had not been able to move it more then a 6 inches from her hip. She said she had already gone for massage, chiropractor and physiotherapy treatments. I asked if I could use The Emotion Code on her and within 15 minutes she could lift her arm over her he […]

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Freedom from a Heart-Wall

I just had my Heart-Wall removed by a Body Code practitioner and today someone said to me, “I have never seen you look as good as today since I have known you.” Also I feel much lighter in spirit and more in the present moment without attachments. The word “freedom” comes to mind.

~Anonymous […]

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Loving and Balanced Dog after Emotion Code Sessions

One of the most powerful results we have seen was with our new puppy, Stella. She was the puppy of a stray dog, and when we took her in, she had difficulty accepting affection. My husband said her behavior reminded him of an autistic child. I had two sessions with her using The Emotion Code. She had […]

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A Huge Heartfelt Thank You for The Emotion Code and The Body Code!

Since I have been using The Emotion Code I have managed to remove a lot of trapped emotions relating to the death of my daughter. Rather than ‘not feeling,’ I can feel, express and move on very quickly now.
Removing my Heart-Wall has enabled me to have a sense of being a lot more open and acceptin […]

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Feeling More Connected with Her Heart-Wall Down

My Emotion Code practitioner was great. My Heart-Wall was 908 feet thick and took three sessions to release it all. We did email sessions and usually I could tell when she was working because I generally felt so good, like floating on a cloud. However, I am one to process, and usually the emotions r […]

Peace Found After Clearing Trapped Emotions With The Emotion Code

The most intense experience I’ve witnessed was when I first discovered I could work on animals. My 15-year-old German Shepard was in the process of dying and was hanging on. It was torture for us, though our boy seemed to not be in pain. My husband couldn’t bear to put him down. We had rescued him a […]

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Trust & Understanding are Possible with Her Heart-Wall Gone

I had a Heart-Wall from the distance of one side of the United States to the other. Once torn down, I felt extremely vulnerable for a time, yet lighter and free. I had to work intentionally on not putting the wall back up. After a few days of allowing myself to feel the emotions, I began to accept t […]

Able to Get Past Heartache with The Emotion Code

I’ve just begun using The Emotion Code to heal myself and my family. I anticipate many amazing experiences to come.
I have proven to myself that it works. I’d been suffering greatly after the recent passing of my father in May. His wife, my step-mom, has not contacted me since his death and it’s b […]

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The Body Code is for Animals and Their Humans Too

I was working with my client, Suzanne, who has a small dog, Harley. Suzanne said that Harley had been licking himself continuously for some time and she couldn’t get him to stop. I found and released an emotional resonance of Unsupported for Harley that he had gotten from Suzanne. By the end of Suza […]

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