Pain Stopped After Releasing Her Heart-Wall

I had a Heart-Wall. When it was released, I immediately felt as if a ton of bricks were lifted from my chest and I could breathe. I had been experiencing chronic pain in my shoulders, neck and back for a very long time. I would get regular massages, and see a chiropractor, however, the pain was per […]

Releasing Trapped Panic Helps the Baby’s Mobility

Ariah was 6 months old and sitting on her grandpa’s knee when I noticed she could barely turn her head to the left while turning to the right was not a problem. I chatted with Grandma and learned she had had a very difficult birth as she weighed over 10 pounds and her 16-year-old mom was a very sma […]

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Emotion Code Work Brought Pain Relief and Emotional Well-Being

When my sister-in-law Jen experienced The Emotion Code, she had almost immediate pain relief in her leg. Her pain level went from a 5 to a 0 or 1. She also reported feeling less stressed and less reactive to stress. My friend Sarah also had some Emotion Code work done. Sarah had immediate pain reli […]

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Why I Am Going to Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“Once my Heart-Wall was gone, I felt a freedom emotionally and physically that I have never had before. I felt a physical release in my gut that I didn’t even realize was there after one of my sessions. I also had a physical experience happen when I released grief from my heart about my mom’s passi […]

My Son’s Headaches are Gone Along with His Trapped Emotions

One of my sons used to complain a lot about headaches. He would have one almost every day and some of them were really strong. I went to the doctor with him and the doctor said it might be migraines, which is something I also suffered from, as well as my father. After the workshop with Dr. Bradley […]

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The Emotion Code Works Wonders, Even By Proxy

Katelin was 5 months pregnant and was having problems breathing day and night. She had episodes happening about 5 times a day and several times during the night. It sounded like she was experiencing panic attacks. I did The Emotion Code for her long distance by proxy, clearing her trapped emotions. […]

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The Emotion Code is Helping Me Create Change

Since my Heart-Wall was cleared I have noticed a gradual change in how I relate to people. I’ve felt my confidence change, clearing the way to free me up for clarity about my future. I’ve had little miracles on a regular basis over a period of about 5 months.

~Sandra S.

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My Emotion Code Experience Changed My Life

It is because of my own experience with The Emotion Code that I am now becoming certified to help others. I’m very active and healthy, yet a couple of years ago, my low back began to bother me. I was confused by the pain because I am so very healthy and active. At the time was only doing yoga, whic […]

My Heart-Wall Is Finally Gone!

I discovered The Emotion Code in February 2018. After reading the book I started practicing on myself using the Sway Test. When I tested for the Heart-Wall, I was able to find one made of sand. I suspected I had one because I always felt a pain on my chest, especially when I tried to inhale deeply. […]

Clearing Energies with The Emotion Code Corrected All of Our Feet!

I used The Emotion Code for clearing trapped emotions to remove left foot pain. I’d had an injury that had already healed but was still painful.

I also removed energies behind a hereditary trait of toes curling back toward the body when the client was in a seated position with legs extended. I n […]