Releasing Trapped Panic Helps the Baby’s Mobility

Ariah was 6 months old and sitting on her grandpa’s knee when I noticed she could barely turn her head to the left while turning to the right was not a problem. I chatted with Grandma and learned she had had a very difficult birth as she weighed over 10 pounds and her 16-year-old mom was a very sma […]

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Emotion Code Work Brought Pain Relief and Emotional Well-Being

When my sister-in-law Jen experienced The Emotion Code, she had almost immediate pain relief in her leg. Her pain level went from a 5 to a 0 or 1. She also reported feeling less stressed and less reactive to stress. My friend Sarah also had some Emotion Code work done. Sarah had immediate pain reli […]

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Why I Am Going to Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“Once my Heart-Wall was gone, I felt a freedom emotionally and physically that I have never had before. I felt a physical release in my gut that I didn’t even realize was there after one of my sessions. I also had a physical experience happen when I released grief from my heart about my mom’s passi […]

My Son’s Headaches are Gone Along with His Trapped Emotions

One of my sons used to complain a lot about headaches. He would have one almost every day and some of them were really strong. I went to the doctor with him and the doctor said it might be migraines, which is something I also suffered from, as well as my father. After the workshop with Dr. Bradley […]

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The Emotion Code Works Wonders, Even By Proxy

Katelin was 5 months pregnant and was having problems breathing day and night. She had episodes happening about 5 times a day and several times during the night. It sounded like she was experiencing panic attacks. I did The Emotion Code for her long distance by proxy, clearing her trapped emotions. […]

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The Emotion Code is Helping Me Create Change

Since my Heart-Wall was cleared I have noticed a gradual change in how I relate to people. I’ve felt my confidence change, clearing the way to free me up for clarity about my future. I’ve had little miracles on a regular basis over a period of about 5 months.

~Sandra S.

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My Emotion Code Experience Changed My Life

It is because of my own experience with The Emotion Code that I am now becoming certified to help others. I’m very active and healthy, yet a couple of years ago, my low back began to bother me. I was confused by the pain because I am so very healthy and active. At the time was only doing yoga, whic […]

My Heart-Wall Is Finally Gone!

I discovered The Emotion Code in February 2018. After reading the book I started practicing on myself using the Sway Test. When I tested for the Heart-Wall, I was able to find one made of sand. I suspected I had one because I always felt a pain on my chest, especially when I tried to inhale deeply. […]

Clearing Energies with The Emotion Code Corrected All of Our Feet!

I used The Emotion Code for clearing trapped emotions to remove left foot pain. I’d had an injury that had already healed but was still painful.

I also removed energies behind a hereditary trait of toes curling back toward the body when the client was in a seated position with legs extended. I n […]

Doing The Emotion Code Healed His Knee Pain

My friend texted that her husband, Glen, was in pain. His knees hurt so much, he was in tears. He was having difficulties getting around at work. He was up and down continuously on his knees getting tools.

I asked Glen for permission to work on him. I went through The Emotion Code Charts for Tra […]