“I lost my mother at age 7. I had four older brothers. I was the only girl, the youngest. I did not understand what was happening so I didn’t cry much. After my mother died, I had a cruel stepmother that was very abusive. I missed the important nurturing years of my life and as a result my adult life has been filled with many mistakes, including 5 broken marriages and 3 suicide attempts. There was a lot of dysfunction in my life…

I went to The Christ-Centered Energy Healing Conference and learned of The Emotion Code there. I purchased the book and listened to Tammy Ward give testimony of how wonderful The Emotion Code is. Purchasing the certification was a sacrifice for me but it has been so worth it!

I love to facilitate the health and happiness of others. I have been in those deep dark places and it’s so sad to me, to have other people suffer as I did. I had a Heart-Wall that told my story, with all of the trapped emotions and the ages they occurred. I’ve spent years and years in therapy, ever since my mother died… but nothing works faster to heal your mental state than The Emotion Code. I truly believe it is a gift given from God to Dr. Brad. Thank you, Dr. Brad!”

~Ellen Jones